Trump, Bush et al.,: "wages too high," "not working enough," "rich paying too much tax"

Taxes on the rich are the lowest or close to the lowest in a century (radically useless reductions.) All but the rich are taking home less than half of what they did in 1970 with the rich stealing the difference, but not being able to spend it to keep the economy going. Profits are at a record high. People are 4x more productive and working more than anyone else in the developed world but these people insist Americans aren’t working enough and wages need to be lowered and taxes reduced further. The are trying to bankrupt, impoverish and enslave the majority of Americans with their economic terrorism known as austerity. Its part of their plan to eliminate the middle class, bring us all down to one dollar An hour, down to the global minimum wage because as Buckley sais the middle class is a threat to the wealthy and needs to be pushed into poverty in service of the rich.

Paris Hilton could have done a better job than W. or these criminal idiots. Social mobility is gone. Any kind of life security has been replaced by debt and wage slavery. These criminal Republican idiots need to be stripped of all the wealth they stripped from others (that’s all of it) and placed behind bars so they can’t do any damage and cease to be able to place everyone’s lives and livilihoods at risk with their terror.

Lets flush the current parasitic crop of wealthy slackers. That is what Sanders should have in mind:

Radically raise taxes on the wealthy, bar capital flight (the wealthy can leave just not with stolen capital,) institite the wealth ceiling on income, radically raise wages and the dole and clean up the piece of sht work place. Benefit of salary-hourly-contract which ever the in given situation would benefit the worker most. No more capacity to ask about prior salary. No ability to bad mouth former employees. Paid unemployment at 3/4 wage for those who quit. Overtime at 2.5x min.Eliminate all means testing and duration caps for any benefit, dole is cradle to grave. 20hrs is full time, full benfits always required. Single payer medical. University always free. Make the use of fear and intimidation in the work place a crime- no threats of any kind. Eliminate the terms employer and employee from all legal language. Reinstate the fairness doctrine in media. Eliminate voter registration. Eliminate the ability of the parties and media to take money for campaigns. Massive criminal and civil percentage year based penalties for firms that try to bargain governments against each other. Prosecute money used as political speech as bribery. Investigate the dirty Republican’s on the Supreme Court and purge them. Eliminate corporate rights, eliminate all the trade treaties. Ban sponsored conflict of interest bribery based media. Bring corporations back under charter review yearly. Tax corporations at a much higher rate designed to create a competitive disadvantage relative to wholly employee owned cooperatives. Eliminate the MBA or business BA as a valid degree for government service. Start decertifying and defunding the business schools. Bring back academic freedom over curricula. Use the full force of government to make transparent and prosecute groups like ALEC. Make govenment secrets of any kind illegal and dump the current batch into the public domain. Grant foreign citizens the full range of US legal protections. Make the enhanced Universal declaration of human rights part of the bill of rights and make it controlling. Committ to eliminating the oil industry over the next 15 years. Elinate interlocking boards. Drop the focus on gdp/gnp focus on quality of life and free speech measures and climate security. Get rid of the IMF/World Bank/ Fed. Get retirements and pensions out of Wall St. Increase the taxes on for profit banks to limit their profit. Reintroduce bankruptcy protections, ban credit cards and cap consumer loan rates at under 6% and make the all fixed interest. Keep credit unions tax exempt.

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