Trump Admin trying to screw with Tesla?

Sure seems like it.

One great thing that Tesla does is undermine any more idiot wars for obsolete petrol fuel/energy.

Funny to listen to petrol liars talk about governments picking winners and losers because petrol was already a loser.

Also noticing petrol thinking its money will give it privelidged treatment when its money is only serving to convict it.

The petrol industry is not profitable hasn’t been for decades and will never be again. Its the biggest welfare case in history what it calls profit would be radically in the negative for 50 years now or more if its bailouts and subsidies were accounted for. Its profit is sheer useless toll road welfare for the rich at this point. It is not the ‘energy sector’ but a parasite that its time to pull the plug on.

Also the terrorist petro fuel/energy industry is putting everyones lives and future generations lives at risk for profit and power. Seems like profting from petrol fuel/energy should lead to the death penalty.

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