Trezor: support for OMNI and MAID

Trezor expect they will start supporting OMNI and MAID this year. :slight_smile:


Support means, that you do not need any other wallet than Trezor one or T ? Superb surprise!


Be careful buying through 3rd parties.


Firmware support for that roadmap released today apparently. Not sure if their beta wallet is yet updated to handle MAID though.


According to a new blog post on Trezor Blog, the new firmware update for Trezor ONE should support OMNI layers. Did anyone try it? I can’t find anything new. I tried wallet and beta-wallet.

I see, that the MaidSafe coins are on my Trezor wallet in OMNI explorer, but in Trezor are only BTC.


Things are moving in the right direction, but the omni devs are still working on this integration and they are currently developing an interface with tresor which they will then need to test. They mentioned that they are expecting the Christmas holidays to have some impact on completing the work so we won’t see this finished in December, but I’m hopeful for something early in the New Year.


It will be for Trezor One or also Trezor T ?

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It will be for both. I believe the firmware was already in place for the model T and this announcement was confirming firmware support for the model 1.


I also just tried with Trezor T and the upgrade to v2.0.10 definitely brings support for OMNI and MAID, but the wallet seems to still be missing them.


Whoa, I guess it is time for me to consider buying one…

I noticed that my Trezor now offers a legacy account feature with bitcoin addresses starting with a 1. Am I correct in saying that if i were to send any MAID there I would never be able to recover them? I would not have the private key and so wouldnt be able to import into omniwallet in order to Send.

maybe i am wrong?

so i now have tiny amount of MAID on a legacy bitcoin address created on my trezor. I can see them in omniwallet but have no idea how to see/send them using trezor. any ideas?

Yes this is supported by Trezor, but still requires the Omni team to create a wallet for it, this page shows the status: We have contacted the Omni team many times about this, but this has still to be completed I’m afraid.


Also here is the Omni Trezor support github issue if you want to follow development a little closer.

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Yapp this is super annoying - in blind faith that omni would be eager to write their side of the code once trezor did their part I bought one of those nice devices after release of the firmware that comes with omni support but somehow they seem to not be super keen to allow better support for their platform…

Since process seems to be absolute zero I am wondering if conversion to safecoin will happen before or after I can make use of the trezor…


I think new buyers would be more comfortable holding MAID if they had somewhere safe and easy to store it. The market might also see an uptick in volumes too if people could buy and then immediately send to their hardware device until they are ready to sell again.

With funding for the project the way it as at the moment, and Maidsafe holding a portion of funds in MAID, would it not be beneficial for Maidsafe to contribute some time/resources to building an Omni wallet (Or maybe that would be a distraction with the big focus on a MVP currently)? Would the cost to build be somewhat offset by the (expected) rise in Maidsafe’s MAID holdings?

Could it be a job for a new CEP? If we had an idea of what it would cost, would the community be interested in contributing to a CEP again?

Are you still on the Omni Board (presuming Mastercoin Board branded to Omni also), Nick? Is there anything you could share as to why Omni themselves don’t seem interested in building out their own infrastructure?


According to their github responses they are working on it. I don’t know how big their team is or what other things they have to do, but I don’t think it’s fair to say they aren’t interested. Maybe they are busy.


Yes, unfair of me to say they aren’t interested in building out their own infrastructure. Bad wording Mark. I’m sure they are.

I’m not sure what other things they have to do either to be honest, but their monthly state of the layer blogs haven’t mentioned trezor support at all from what i’ve seen.

I see the comments you refer to, as on the 10th January they said they should have “something up within a few weeks”. When prompted, they replied on March 6th saying it was still in progress, but nothing has been commented on since, despite a couple of prods from people like Rid :smiley:


I agree it doesn’t look good.

It also makes me appreciate the very open and responsive approach of Maidsafe: I just saw a PR has been opened for the initial implementation of Unpublished Mutable Data! :+1: