Trezor and Maidsafecoin

Thanks Sotros25. Sounds interesting, although I fear there might be strong correlation between their interest and MAID´s position on


I think the main driver for Trezor Omni integration is USDT


Best to say NOT YET.

At this point in time you would still need your private keys to import into another omni-aware wallet.

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So what is the best way to store MAID right now?
Is it OMNI Wallet? (

Is there some sort of MAID equivalent to hosting a Full BitCoin Node?

Lol as you can see I’m not an expert by any means

But If MAID experiences a big surge I’m sure a bunch of us will be holding alot of money that could start looking pretty juicy to hackers.

Anyone have the solution?


Yes, it’s called Omni Core, and it is a Bitcoin full node that includes Omni protocol support. You can also use Bitcoin paper wallets.


Just use the gold standard bitcoin paper wallet security. and best to go offline


From Trezor today

"Hello James,

We are only evaluating the support for these coins, but there is no official statement or ETA yet."

I’d suggest any other trezor users drop them an email expressing their desire for MAID to be added too. It only takes half a dozen emails to make an impression.


Anyone should just store them inside if they want to use Trezor, and then pull the keys out one day when they want to send them somewhere

If you want it offline & able to transact, the only option I know of is Armory on an offline computer, with transactions that can be broadcast from Omniwallet.

However, I don’t think Armory sees much development, so who knows if omni support will be ongoing.

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It would sure be helpful if Trezor would support any coin a person wanted to store in it. But since I know nothing about development I don’t even know it that’s possible. But given what I’ve seen while following the development of the SAFE network I’ve come to think that there is little beyond the realm of possibility. For what it’s worth I did send Trezor support a message asking for Maid and ultimately SAFE coin support. Thanks to all who contribute and Merry Christmas


From Trezor Support this morning:

“We are evaluating MaidSafe support, if the support will be featured we will inform our customers in a timely manner.”

What more can be expected?


Hi guys just want to know if you can store your maids on a trezor hardware wallet ?

You can but you’d have to expose your recovery seed to get access to them again once sent. They have built in omni compatibility, but they are evaluating how much support there is before they decide what coins to add next.

If you want it added try sending them a request for it. The more they get the more likely they are to consider adding it.

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Thank you for the response

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True! Here is a link to the page where we can send a message to the support team.


I’ve sent a message too. Hopefully they’ll get so many requests they’ll feel no choice but to accelerate MAID support! :slight_smile:

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This is the response I got from Trezor:

It would be great if the team @Maidsafe could help to push this conversation forward with the folks at Trezor. @SarahPentland and @dugcampbell, is this something the marketing team could address?

Getting support on a hardware wallet like Trezor would give many people much more comfort in holding MAID. I think it would also incentivize support for Safecoin in the future as well as simplify the MAID to Safecoin conversion.


Great, I’ll put it on the list and see what we can do to push it also @Sotros25. I agree, straight forward instructions with hard wallet support would definitely help the community :slight_smile:


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