Traveling to Netherlands, Germany, Mexico

I’ll be visiting at least Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Düsseldorf 3-13 January. After that I’m flying to Cancún, Mexico. I’m not sure what part of the continent life will take me to or for how long exactly, but I’d love to meet up with some Safers if any happen to be around.


Just an update. I’m in Cancun now and I’m flying to Mexico City tomorrow on the 24th. I’d love to meet some Mexican Safers.


I haven’t been checking much on the New Members thread lately. Are there really Safers from Mexico on here?


I’m wearing my Safe Network t-shirt (and my GNU shirt) trying to spread the word as best I can. I still need plenty of practice to do it properly in Spanish, though. :slight_smile:

If any Mexicans read this, don’t be shy. Just write me and say hello. I’m neither a narco nor any kind of guerrero. :wink: