TravelCoin — A new Crypto-currency based upon ‘Proof -of-Travel’ inspired by Pokemon Go

I’ve just written up an idea for a new crypto currency on Medium.

It uses MAID’s xor address distance concept as a way of restricting the finding of a new block to only those addresses within the address’s ‘close group’. If blocks aren’t found quickly enough the distance is widened.

Hope this is of interest.


Wouldn’t it be vulnerable to GPS spoofing?

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The private key is physically placed at the gps coordinate linked to the address. Someone has to put it there and someone has to collect it. It doesn’t rely on the phone sending GPS coords for retreival.

If the stasher shares the private key publicly they lose their money.


Did you just invent geo-cashing? :joy_cat: :island::mount_fuji::mountain: :evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree::palm_tree::cactus: