Special day excursions to the sites of where Maidsafe offices used to be…

How are you with mountains, @Sasha?
As in going up them?
I know Finland is pretty flat.

While you are visiting, who will look after the chickens?

I’d say come fishing but fishing is work for you and I guess considerably more hard-core than what we could offer.


It sound like you could have a bright future in the travel industry. Maybe contact @Sotros25 for pointers. @neik clearly has a mind for advertising too.

“Glasvagas - Every bit as good as North Korea!” :joy:

I like nature, including mountains, but I smoke like a chimney, so real mountain treks will have to go slow. I bet it’s really pretty where you live.

I like my fishing to be as easy as possible. I’d like to go fishing for food Scottish style, but you would have to teach me to use pretty much anything other than nets. I despise animal abuse like “catch and release”. I told this old Mexican guy I was staying with I didn’t want to see any bull fights, and that I always kill quickly - even fish. “That’s because you’re Russian.”, he said and laughed. He also told me he could easily have me killed within half an hour. Luckily, we got along really well.

I’m not “hardcore” at all. I’m just a rational and careful middle-aged gentleman who enjoys different cultures and intelligent conversation. In many places I don’t go out after dark at all, which takes some planning when you travel without booking anything in advance. Stay sober, never pretend to be something you’re not, and always arrive in the morning. Only once did I mess up and had to spend the first night in a park, but that was the Canary Islands. I was just on my way back home from India, and after that, I felt like I myself was the most dangerous thing around. :wink:

The chickens are staying with a friend for the winter, because I have no warm place for them on the island. I myself have also already taken refuge in Helsinki this year. My financial situation is looking a bit brighter, so travel might be possible, perhaps with a lady friend. Nice lady, but she’s not the type to suddenly take off to El Salvador. Actually, I’m not sure I am either. Desperately poor people can be dangerous. I have blue eyes and I speak English with American accent, so… But “Mis ojos son azules, pero no soy un pinche gringo. ¿Todo bien?”, has worked for me a couple of times when there was a misunderstanding at first. :slight_smile:


Weirdness - I tried to like @Sascha’s post there and got this…

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I haven’t seen that error message before, but I’ve experienced the liking system being weird elsewhere on the same platform.

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I tried that - lost the lot and all my mates money. We did have a good time failing in Turkey though…

It’s OK you can just look at mountains.

Nah boring suburbia but extreme beauty is only 30 mins away and 2 hours will get you to Glencoe.


This sounds good. It pretty much sums up my reasons for traveling. If I screw up, at least I do so where it’s not just cold, bleak and boring.

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Can you like it now? When the forum is being backed up this can happen as its read only during that time.

Or could be a bug. There was one previously they fixed that did the same thing


Err I already liked it successfully a few hours ago — buuuuut I can’t unlike it now so I could try liking it again.

EDIT I got similar with @happybeing 's original response to @Panda but was able to like it again later.

Yea there is a short time period where you can take back your like. Outside of that you are damned to like it


Will never understand that, not being able
to alter text after a period of time is fine but changing your mind on a like seems reasonable.

Its a default on the forum, time frame can be changed but never seen a need to.

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There have been several times that I have returned to a like hoping to remove it (endorsement right) because upon reflection I changed my mind or subsequent posts from the author change my understanding of said post.
Days later is probably unnecessary same day seems fair.

Not campaigning for change, just been annoyed by it.


What’s the reason to freeze likes at all? Like Josh I use it rarely but when I can’t unlike it is annoying.


I’ve made a couple unintended likes in my day, or likes I wanted to take back after a second thought. However, I do think that freezing likes after a certain period of time is good since it offers a snapshot about what people were thinking at that time. We don’t want history rewritten weeks later. The problem is that the edit window is too short. Increasing the timeout window to 30 or 60 minutes would be more appropriate imo.


@Sascha I was browsing Kindle and lookalikes, came across this and thought of you…

Could we work on plans to turn your chicken run into a themed ride?

“Don’t upchuck on the Cluck Express” “As fast as cluck and every rider gets an egg to take home”

No? Oh…

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The setting affects a number of features that users can do on a post. So setting it to a day is not wise without further investigation and #meta topic. But I have increased it from 10 minutes to 100 minutes which will not have a bad effect on the other features since this is a forum with reasonable people.

Number of minutes users are allowed to undo recent actions on a post (like, flag, etc).

Hopefully this will help in most cases.


Here we go @Sascha


Sadly, I’m no “millionaire”, but it’s still interesting.

EDIT: And it looks like travelers from Finland are considered to be relatively safe in terms of Covid.


Don’t go buying LadyBoy coins…


Agreed. I’ll just let the boys keep their coins, and whatever else they have to offer. But to each his own.