Transparency & Centralization

Too much transparency early on could prevent a germination and ultimately fruiting. It will be said that people should be free to brainstorm, or try new ideas without fear that everything will be critiqued out of context. This doesn’t follow as there can be open anonymous suggestions so that ideas proceed on their merits. But the credit mongering and undue influence of charismatic personalities and the conflicts on interest and unnecessary hierarchy they generate in closed door environments will be checked. This should be very helpful in hardening and stabilizing with decentralization. If some narcissistic directive type is trying to make the environment more hospitable to vile narcissism and useless situational ethics etc. they will be called out at each attempt. Centralization may be a natural pattern but it doesn’t mean we can’t work to get rid of bullying and political overhead with transparency and decentralization.

Processes of concentration or centralization are so ordinary that we necessarily see or question them. When something is gestating it goes on in an inward facing womb like environment. A seed will have a shell, as will an egg. Some seeds need to be buried. Some need to travel through a digestive tract. They generally need a triggering event like the ground above them burning, or a tree falling to create necessary light exposure or the accrual of a sufficient concentration of water. It will start out centralized in space and time and causally it will will root and spread out in space and time, decentralizing to a degree. There are other physical themes like sufficient mass to maintain temperature or latency or logistical concentration of inventory. Stuff will accrete by resonance or gravitation, it may come together the way water on one side of a glass draws condensate to the other side with electro negativity or resonance.