Translations for equal opportunities

“Translations” alone was too short, so I made up this lofty title :slight_smile:

I found this thread about translating, but it suddenly died in April '15, so I’ll start a new one here.

I would like to contribute (German), and I was wondering if there are already plans regarding translations? Does it even make sense to start now, or will there be too many changes to make it worthwile? Are there parts that won’t change anymore?
Would a translation of the Wiki make sense, or the launcher or…?

Happy to hear your thoughts!


YEs we have been discussing this in house, Russian at least. So yes there are some plans, perhaps @frabrunelle can help out here. A brilliant thing to consider, really appreciate this on behalf of all the community. There are possible changes to the wiki and API docs coming in terms of hosting to allow translations to be easier.


I can translate documents/wiki/apps into language for Dummies :slight_smile: :alien:

OK, and Slovenian too…


Sure, it would be awesome to have a German translation for tutorials!
They are available on GitHub. I think you should ask @frabrunelle to create a separate repository for

Here’s an example for the Russian translation in the process:


Do you need anyone to check these translations? I could ask my girlfriend to check these, although she’s not very tech savvy :joy:

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@frabrunelle, how should we proceed?

I need some guidance how to use github, how to do all that stuff that sounds so cool like pull and commit and then I’m gonna spoon you all kekeke :smiley:

@casko you in with slovenian?

Who else?[quote=“Krekc, post:5, topic:11281”]
Do you need anyone to check these translations?

For sure someone needs to proof read, not so much for the grammar but if the content was translated correctly. I mean I don’t mind having my grammar corrected, but it’s not a novel or something, so I guess it’s gonna be fine.

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GitHub simplifies this a lot, you won’t need to do anything like that for translation purposes.

Just open any file in the repository, click on the pencil icon (on the right side near “Raw / Blame / History” etc.) and then you can edit it using the GitHub’s editor, like that:

However, if you’re interested in learning more about Git, I suggest you reading Pro Git (in German). In my opinion it’s the best resource for beginners.

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I can help with Dutch myself, can’t commit to do the whole thing. There’s quite a few Dutch people around though so we should be fine on that. Would be good to have a place or way to coordinate this or to make it easier, like David suggested.

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Sure I am in, no problem. But please, translation withouth context can become a failure - choose a translation tool that enables translator to review the result / the purpose of translated text.

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Can you elaborate? I don’t understand what you mean.

Are there any bounties for translation services? My Latvian girlfriend has done translation for other crypto projects and got paid. I’m sure she would be happy to do it, but I wouldn’t ask her to do it for free. I would be happy to pay her, and ultimately will in the future, but a little MAID sent my way would speed up the process.

Latvia has the fastest average Mpbs speeds in Europe and center for many crypto integrations. I bought my first airline tickets with bitcoin via Baltic Air and drinks for us in Riga. Mycelium has a home office in Riga and one of the scientists working on Zcash is Latvian.

I would like to see this life changing approach to development start to include people of other languages.

I also have a couple of Russian friends who could find me someone to translate, but that will likely require money and they are affraid to work for cryptocurrencies. If there was a published bounty I would know what I have to work with in recruiting talent.

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Fyi, we should wait with translations, for a short time at least, because frabrunelle has already thought about it and has ideas and also some stuff to consider. But he’s very busy and wasn’t able to post here yet.

So, don’t stress yourself @frabrunelle, we’re not gonna :runner: anytime soon. Take your time. :tent:


No worries, I can wait. Good to hear things are being thought out. One option I’m sure @frabrunelle has looked at is Having an open version built into SAFE in the form of an APP that pays out to translators in SC and opens up price of services to a free market where companies pay the app (translators) in SC would be amazing…and very symbiotic for all interested parties.

Okay I know what to translate first: The new video!

We only need subtitles, really. Who’s in?

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I can help with Spanish.



I got german subtitles for the new promotional video. Should I paste them here, or on github or? And I should probably add times or something?

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I think it would be better to paste them on GitHub :slight_smile: (for now) e.g. using or a GitHub repo. it would take less space than pasting them on the forum.

I’m not sure. I think the times would be added automatically if you use the YouTube interface to add the subtitles?



Cheers, I’ll have a look at it.

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I’m not able to see the “Add subtitles/CC” option as described in that video. Is it a permission thing?
I do have the option to see the auto translated subtitles though.
Have you been able to do it @rand_om?

yes it needs to be enabled as explained here. I don’t have the permission to enable it. I’ll check with @nicklambert how we should manage the YouTube translations and I’ll post an update in this topic later this week :slight_smile: