Transferring maidtokens from my paper wallet to my omniwallet

I’ve tried to figure out without success the way to transfer my paper wallet content (btc + maid) to my omniwallet. I watched a Youtube video which recommended but can’t see an option for importing into the wallet I set up there. I’m trying to import just a small amount of btc and maid just to make sure I’m doing it correctly but I’m stuck. Is it possible to send the btc and maid directly to my Omniwallet by chance? Thanks in advance for any help with this…cheers.

All you will need to do is “import” your paper wallet’s private key into omniwallet

Then your coins can be sent to where ever you want. There is no need to “move” the coins into your omniwallet, your just need to add that paper wallet address to omniwallet by importing the private key

Are you talking of or omniwallet qt They have different methods of importing the private keys


If your reason to move your maidis to spend, import the key, otherwise just add a watch-only to omni using your paper wallet public address then you can see the balance / realtime value anytime. There is no way to import just “a small amount” , it’s all or nothing. Paper is best.


I’m talking about I have bitcoin and maid tokens in a paper wallet but want to use some of the bitcoins to buy more maid tokens. I was under the impression I had to use a system like to transfer the content of the paper wallet. I don’t want to use all my bitcoins just the amount of profit from the recent rise in price…cheers.

No just import the private key into omniwallet and then you can send your BTC from that “paper wallet address” using’s wallet… Of course it will no longer be a paper wallet since you imported the private key

Thanks for your help, that sounds a lot more sensible than creating a wallet to send to a wallet. Is the Omniwallet considered secure as I’ve seen a lot of comments that keeping coins online is a bad idea…cheers.

Just a heads up. The paper wallet needs to be destroyed as importing a private key is just copying it. If someone has access to the paper wallet they can import the contents into another wallet. Sweeping & Importing are very different animals. (Although the Paper wouldn’t show much in btc value)

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Yep, I knew to destroy the paper wallet after importing it into Omniwallet. Just transferred without any problems. Thanks for all the help…cheers.


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