Transferring issues

Tried to transfer,very small amounts of bitcoin and
Maid to my omni-wallet from Poloniex,bitcoin was sent ok,but the Maid is still pending.They were both sent to the same address.Any ideas what the problem is?

Don’t know but perhaps number of confirmations required for BTC and Omni assets is different. I wonder you should be able to see the confirmations accruing in Omniwallet or other Omni enabled wallet.


I just did this yesterday. The first confirmation is always the very small Bitcoin transaction. The MAID confirmation takes longer, but it will show up :slight_smile:

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Maid still not shown up and still pending after 3days

I have made a few Polo to Omni transactions and they have typically been pretty quick. I take it you have raised a support ticket with the exchange?

Tried to raise a ticket yesterday,but had to reset my password,still waiting on an email,with the reset.

You can also contact the moderators/support guys in the Polo trollbox and they help you right there.