Transaction fees

Hi all. I recently bought some MAID on the Livecoin exchange. I now want to send the MAID to a paper wallet for safekeeping, but Livecoin wants to charge me 20 MAID for the privilege! Is it just me, or is that a huge amount? Is the sky high fee specific to Livecoin, or is this inherent to MAID? If I wait for the SafeCoin transition, will that change anything?

It’s probably the underlying bitcoin transaction being charged directly as maid unfortunately. $20-$30 btc transactions are the norm now

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In great part, it’s due to the fact that MAID runs on OMNI. Many people are choosing to leave their MAID on exchanges, it seems, because of this. The community is discussing potential workarounds for this (and other matters) in this thread: ERC-20 Transition if you’re interested in joining the conversation. The more ideas, the better :slight_smile:


Its specific to Livecoin exchange, I can withdraw 1000 maid for a measly 2 maid fee at bittrex. Don’t buy maid elsewhere. Polo and Bittrex are the only good sites. I would be willing to help users proxy if needed for people in small amounts too in bittrex for small fee :stuck_out_tongue: of 5 maid since I don’t waste effort for free. Sucks they won’t let new users register currently.

Also I have a polo account but EVERY time I try to login now I get a 500 http error… I have an open support ticket with them but I have heard they don’t answer for months which is terrible if you ask me…

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I’d say it’s a mixture of all the above.

Find a way to hold it until safe coin is released and be happy with your decision.

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