Tragedy of the commons


SAFE is a “Collaborative Commons” Well what about the tragedy of the commons? Well what about the tragedy and idiocy of rent seeking. SAFE is a liberating enclosure breaker. Its about liberation, its about freeing people. So its a new model of economic activity. But you can sit there and smoke the Koch Brother’s crack pipe or you can adopt a higher level perspective. One can continue behaving and thinking as a reptile or get a clue.

“Collaborative Commons,” to understand this in its greater context- I mean capitalism sucks its theft, somebody else does the work- like Marx said at some point in an average day the worker pays off their wages then a little later pays for the capital and even any reasonable return and then for the rest of the day its just working for free in pure rent seeking for the capitalists. So to clarify 3hrs in your just being rent seeked upon having your blood sucked out, your time your life by the rent seeker but en masse. So that was never going to work it was always theft. And that theft requires a lot of secrecy to keep going so there is always a lot of lying going on but unlike with truth and transparency lies have a lot of overhead and are always subject to collapse, but never have to do that with anything approximating truth. So truthfully capitalism was always some sort of slavery or wage slavery of phony economy wage slavery like we have now and then even cooperatives weren’t good enough- you still had the same kinds of problems because you had dumb management involved with stuff and a dumb board, so that wasn’t going to be good enough so we needed a collaborative but then you still had issues with collaboratives because you still have in group and out group membership its not really an full enclosure free open collaborative but now with the digital commons you have a truly open collaborative in a true commons and these are these sort of flatter types of relationships which seem to leverage the way we’re wired to relate to each other so SAFE is something that is really wonderful as it enables this kind of locked open kind of thing where we get relations ships based on honesty, trust, openess and transparency instead of lies and theft. Have to marvel how far lies, theft, inequity and injustice or the basic criminality of capitalism took us even before it went defunct. Image a society based on justice and actual freedom.

SAFE gets us away from using money to control people and turns it into a mere means of exchange. You could see this in work of Marx but also Christ and Mohammed and Buddha (think monastic begging bowl,) they were all fighting against this use of money to control people. The classic formula is to reduce wages (most people’s incomes) increase debts and decrease opportunity so you could enclose people and treat them as chattel or live stock and enslave them and turn them into property. You also stunt their development with this because they can’t ever develop where they are stuck in a juvenile state unable to exercise will. And you can also see that tax and money were always of themselves the primary means of enclosure, a glue or means to get people to interact with one another so as to get them to know each other and participate in a society and become dependent on it and identify with it. I see our mutual interdependence as a natural state as between the sexes but here I mean money has been used to set up enclosure to rent seek people against their biological needs and keep them in a weakened undeveloped state so they are easy to confuse about their interests and control. So I see SAFE destroying the rent seeking enclosures for things like sponsored media and by extension sponsored government and fossil fuels and the artificial scarcity they have been used to reinforce in an automated post scarcity problem world. I see it as a means of enabling people to apply their wills to their personal and collective interests for the betterment of all in a collaborative commons.

Again the motivation for talking about a tragedy of the commons is never really about neglect of a public resource leading to unavailability but double speak meant to create intellectual room and consensus around the idea that rent seekers should be able to use money to enslave people- some rent seeker appointed probably by heredity should allowed to screw over most people and create a class of untouchable elites through this process who are protected against all checks on wanton criminal behavior by above all the very rent seeking they use to oppress. The commons is a collective homestead where we say to the would be oppressors learn to wipe your own arses you useless MF(s,) you’re walls of enclosure and inculcated learned helplessness can hold us no more see if you really are the fittest to survive, see who is expendable now!

As Gladstone said liberalism is trust of the people and rule by prudence- conservatism is mistrust of the people and rule by fear. The whole game has always been to use enclosure to produce scarcity and rule by fear. Get wages down and increase debt and limit opportunity to get control and enslave with fear. So even in post scarcity its a tradition of trying to do the same to perptuate a system based on theft and lies and the secrecy/censorship needed to hide this core truth. Think of the survivability and stability crises this creates

But what is shown in the new unified field theory (Haramein’s) is “that all is contained in all” which is really an over riding unity. You can never impose scarcity where it is realized time and space are a collapsed illusion in a superposed super coherant unity- putting everything always within reach. Identity also is collapsed so there is no other to oppress. So its over, that lie is over.