Trading solar power: Retirees test way to beat shrinking feed-in tariffs / BlockChain


As I am building this:

I want to also build an associated project similar to this:

The article talks about making use of the BlockChain and it occurred to me there might be some usefulness in making use of SAFE tech for my own power project - can people with more understanding of the internals of SAFE comment about this idea?


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Blockchain == energy wastage.

Bit ironic to have a system where people can save costs on energy yet waste energy on the payment system.

The concept of sharing the solar panels is fairly sound. The article by the ABC gets sketchy towards the meat of their payment/sharing system which suggests that it is not as good as it suggests.

It is possible that they are running into some obscure state law that from memory prevents people become power suppliers/company in their own right without all the registrations etc. And this is hindering their system. While it is trialing the state government is sitting back and watching, but they both know when it takes off the State govn will jump in and extract their blood.

On your own property or multi-dwelling estate it is legal (at least in QLD) to share power.

This idea (without blockchain) of sharing power will be great for apartment/multi-dwelling blocks/estates where there are plenty of roofs and a variety of power usages. I suspect that if people are not greedy that they could even 1/4 the daytime power costs.

Add a battery system maintained by the “community” then even night time usage can be covered if enough power is generated.

Then the community can have a single feed in from the power authority and cut over to mains power when needed. Each household has its own meter which is owned by the community and costs apportioned according to the usage and costs of batteries.


@neo ,

You pretty much summed up what I am thinking of doing but is it possible for this to be set up to make use of a SAFE tech transaction system somehow?


It comes down to energy meters. If you do it as a private local distribution then minor inaccuracies in the energy meters will not be a real issues as its cents over a month, but for a company it has to be very accurate and provable.

If you are going to make something to market to others in a similar situation then you need to have accurate computerised meters (certified) and then link it to an APP on the SAFE network to do the accounting.

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For your information

[quote]Under national electricity laws, “anyone who supplies electricity to another person over a private
network of any kind is providing an electricity distribution service”, according to the AER.[/quote]

So you have to have each of the users under the one “name” and not transmitting power over public/crown land


Thanks for that update - I appreciate it!