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Hi there,

I’m not new to the idea of (MAID)SAFE but I’m very new to trading these tokens. I purchased some MAIDSAFE coins on Poloniex some time ago but then they got delisted on that exchange. I moved the coins as BTC over to I can see my MAIDSAFE balance for a specific address but on that exchange I can’t trade MAID against BTC.

Do you have some advise for me how to proceed and safe my MAIDSAFE coins? On I can only see my total Bitcoin balance and (presumably) can’t move coins bound to a specific address only. Thank you very much for your advice!

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Hello friend and welcome! :dragon:

Unfortunately, if you do not have access to the private keys, you will not be able to move the coins. I advise you to write to the support of the exchange and ask them to move them (for a fee) to your address. Here you can see how you can store your coins:


Hello @Dimitar,

Thank you very much for your reply. This is very unfortunate news. I already contacted the support of this site some time ago about my issue but they only told me to “ask the MAID community”.

I will give it another try though. I just wished I would not have moved the MAID from Poloniex to that exchange in the past…

If they are totally clueless as to what MAID is, you can tell them it is an asset on the Omni protocol, like Tether. So for you to get access to your MAID the exchange needs to add support for Omni protocol assets. I looked at the exchange briefly and didn’t see any support for Tether, so it would probably not be trivial for them.

I just had a look on
It does not look like they trade many pairs.
Maid is not one of them.
You can only try again with their support but unfortunately exchanges are often not helpful in these cases.
If maid were to become worth alot you could possibly tempt them by offering an amount to make it worth their while.
Good luck.