Trade Safecoin on Bitshares 2.0, do you want it?


@luckybit there is no sense debating @janitor . His/her purpose on this forum is pretty obvious (The Gentleperson’s Guide To Forum Spies). Heklers have a right to be here just as much as me, but don’t waste your motivation/time/passion on rationalizing with them…unless you enjoy it.

@luckybit it is obvious that you have been involved in both tech camps for a while and I really value that. I have investments in several projects, which only makes sense when I’m interested in open source decentralization. I would be very interested in supporting (with currency) a person or group that integrates SAFE’s tokens of value to be exchanged (currently MAID). @dallyshalla and that team are leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else with SafeCoin, so every effort should be made to win their support. They need to focus on SafeCoin right now though, so it is a perfect time for someone like you, @luckybit (knows both worlds), to show both communities what I also see is possible.

I would have done more than I have already, but I’m overloaded with several other projects. I am happy to support financially; for example in launching on metaexchange they need an initial seed money/collateral…I could personally invest BTS and MAID and try to get others.


thanks for promoting SAFE then bro! :smiley:

Privacy, Security, Freedom or Bust!!


This topic has been silent for two years now. I hear Bitshares is the biggest decentralized exchange and I am curious if anyone is using it currently to trade Maidsafe there.

All comments are welcome!


Come on. why are you like this, it’ll definitely help maid if it gets listed on more exchanges…


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