Trade Safecoin on Bitshares 2.0, do you want it?

it has 8.1 THOUSAND views lol, dwarfing many other threads by crazy margins

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Can I ask where you get the figure from?

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Can you please be more specific since that link only redirects to the forum. Where in the forum does one find the figure?

EDIT: Open your eyes @neo, its there next to the topic name.

EDIT: Thanks @smacz


Right next to the topic title. In orange - “views” (“8.1k”) To the immediate left of “activity” ("<1m")

Edit: Which is only .9k less than the “Welcome” post…hmm…


I’d agree with @kirkion

Or on a blog entry

EDIT: google search comes up with nothing. Could just be people searching bitshares OR a URL shorting was done to reference it.



Lemme search reddit…

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Have you ever visited the home page? It couldn’t be more prominently displayed than it is.

No need, it’s here - the same pumping Bit Shill who started this topic.

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I’m I’m a shill for trying to bring communities together what does that make you?

If my thread brought 8000+ views to SAFE Network, even if those people came from other communities, it’s more people who now know about SAFE Network. On the other hand if I’m not welcome here I’ll spend less time where I’m not wanted.

Good luck janitor.


We established early on that you were promoting 3rd party products/services without mentioning that you’re being paid for it.
You can call me whatever you want, I don’t care.

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I’m not paid for it… Are you paid by Maidsafe because you hold Safecoins? If I’m paid by Bitshares, wouldn’t the same logic mean I’m paid by Safecoin? Maidsafe actually came out before Bitshares didn’t it? I was around when Safecoin had it’s crowdsale.

And what about Bitcoin? If I say I own Bitcoins does that mean I’m automatically a shill?? Is it a bad thing to promote any of these technologies?

As far as not disclosing, you’re spreading deliberate disinformation. Now you’re just spreading lies. When asked if I own BTS I immediately said I did. I also said I own Safecoins. What more do you want?

If you want me not to promote Bitshares here, then that is fine. If you want to vote me off the island that is also fine.

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If people like @janitor represent the new breed in the crypto community then I have to say the crypto community is doomed. That level of suspicion, cynicism and unnecessary competitiveness is going to destroy the SAFE Network as a project unless the project opens itself up to collaboration from many different communities where collaboration would be mutually beneficial.

If anyone is open to collaboration, make an account on multiple forums in multiple communities, get support from whomever offers it, get Safecoin on any exchange that wants it. Otherwise marginalize your resources, have a few really hardcore people involved, and accept the atmosphere that brings.

Most people here own MAID (not Safecoins), although I own them on and off (don’t have any right now).

But here’s the thing: you get paid for promoting BitShares due to their Ponzi-like referrals plan so if you promote integration of MaidSafe with BitShares you stand to benefit from it even if SAFE loses value by following your helpful ideas.

By not stating your interest in these supposedly beneficial ideas for MaidSafe, I find your behavior unethical.


The referral program does exist but was not in effect when I posted the thread nearly a month ago. Even if I were to post the exact thread now, the urls I posted did not have my referral ID. Check my original posts to see that I did not attach my referral ID to my post.

If I were just trying to get the referral fees I would have altered my post on the day the referral program took effect, and you’d see my referral ID attached to the URL instead of no referral ID.

Next time please learn how Bitshares works before smearing the messenger. Actually confirm your information before making a fool out of yourself. Considering you don’t even own any MAID, you’ve got less of a stake than I do and are just trolling.

Finally, there is no reason why anyone has to state up front what coins they hold or don’t hold. For all we know you could be a holder in Ethereum and be trying to sabotage both the Bitshares and SAFE Network projects, since by your own words you don’t even have a financial stake in SAFE Network.

Consider what SAFE Network represents. Consider the fact that once anonymous currencies are brought into existence, it will become impossible to know who is a shill for what. So the fact that you even care who could be shilling for what does not look good for your mental health going forward. I’ll be honest and say that I do not concern myself with what tokens or what coins other people are holding, I look only at what people contribute, what they bring.

If you hold whatever tokens it does not matter as long as you’re trying to help the project. A lot of people own a lot of dollars, but we don’t say they are a shill for the dollar, so this kind of thinking is in my opinion ridiculous and will lead to people being declared shills if they have any job for any company in the crypto-industry. If you work for Blockstream there are people who might think you’re a shill for Bitcoin, if you work for a bank people might think you’re a shill for the bank, but no one knows what is in anyone’s heart and speculating like that is counter-productive.

FACT: The referral program took effect on November 4th.

FACT: I created this thread on October 20th.
FACT: The referral program requires you have a lifetime account and requires that you attach your referral ID to the url.
FACT: There are no referral IDs attached to any of the urls I posted because when I made my posts the referral program hadn’t taken effect and I had no intentions of putting a referral on this thread evidenced by the fact that November 4th is long passed and I didn’t edit my original posts.

Follow the facts and then judge my actions. Don’t take the opinions of trolls as fact, especially if they don’t hold any stake in either project and endorse centralized exchanges.

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FACT: Up there near the top in a comment posted on the same day when this topic was started, Oct 20, you said:

Bitshares 2.0 doesn’t work like that. Whoever sets up the service, whoever takes the job, can potentially receive referral income directly from the Bitshares network itself (a percentage of the transaction fees of the users you bring in). Bitshares 2.0 operates like a membership based cooperative.

The referral program provides the incentive for people to make things happen. I’m not making things happen, I’m only proposing the people working on SAFEX who could be in a position to make things happen. I’m a facilitator.

So you knew about the referral program before it began. If no one asked, would you have told us your motivation is actually manifold (due to your ownership of BitShares and who knows what else)?

FACT: You attempted to “facilitate” people into investing their resources practically on your behalf. I said that right away: if you think it’s a good idea, how come you aren’t looking to raise funds and pool forces with other Safers?
Instead you started by selflessly giving away this this great idea which would have made you more money (percentage-wise) than to those who execute it.

UNPROVEN FACT: BitShares suck.

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@luckybit there is no sense debating @janitor . His/her purpose on this forum is pretty obvious (The Gentleperson’s Guide To Forum Spies). Heklers have a right to be here just as much as me, but don’t waste your motivation/time/passion on rationalizing with them…unless you enjoy it.

@luckybit it is obvious that you have been involved in both tech camps for a while and I really value that. I have investments in several projects, which only makes sense when I’m interested in open source decentralization. I would be very interested in supporting (with currency) a person or group that integrates SAFE’s tokens of value to be exchanged (currently MAID). @dallyshalla and that team are leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else with SafeCoin, so every effort should be made to win their support. They need to focus on SafeCoin right now though, so it is a perfect time for someone like you, @luckybit (knows both worlds), to show both communities what I also see is possible.

I would have done more than I have already, but I’m overloaded with several other projects. I am happy to support financially; for example in launching on metaexchange they need an initial seed money/collateral…I could personally invest BTS and MAID and try to get others.


thanks for promoting SAFE then bro! :smiley:

Privacy, Security, Freedom or Bust!!

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This topic has been silent for two years now. I hear Bitshares is the biggest decentralized exchange and I am curious if anyone is using it currently to trade Maidsafe there.

All comments are welcome!

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Come on. why are you like this, it’ll definitely help maid if it gets listed on more exchanges…

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