Topic listing now squashed

@frabrunelle In the last three hours or so, I’ve started seeing a problem with the front page of this forum (but the developer forum is still ok).

I’m viewing the forum on my tablet, so it’s somewhere between large mobile and small desktop screen width, and the problem is that my topic titles are suddenly all squashed up into a narrow column, about 20% of the screen width, and the four rightmost columns (Categories, Users, Replies, Activity) have 80%, whereas they used to have just 50% leaving plenty of space for the topic title.

Which browser? What kind of tablet? Recent software update?

Which browser?
Firefox and Chrome

What kind of tablet?

Recent software update?
Nope, this looks like a change to the forum CSS. If it was my client device I’d expect the Dev forum to be affected too.

Mine still the same in Chrome and FF, desktop, widescreen monitor.

@happybeing Could you please post a screenshot? That might help me better understand the issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, the Dev Forum is updated manually from time to time, while this forum gets updated automatically by the Discourse team. So that could explain why you don’t see this issue on the Dev Forum yet.

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And also a screenshot of the Dev Forum please, just for comparison :slightly_smiling_face:

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My observation is that the Users column seems to be reserving space for multiple photos (unlike the Dev Forum) but only displaying one per line . That extra reserved space is causing the width of the Topic Description column to be truncated. My guess is a Discourse update bug. Maybe there is some way to check as to when the last automatic update occurred in order to shed some light on that hypothesis.

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@happybeing has this issue been resolved?

Yes, now OK thanks. 123456789

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