Topic for off-topic discussions of SAFE and its worth/success from the NVO topic

This is the post that sparked this discussion.

Huh what? About SAFE Network?

His account is 2 days old. I think he’s trolling you.

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I’m not trolling and don’t want make off-topic here, but sorry i’m not excited about another TOR project with TORRENT functionality inside of it with a coins that value is pegged to the storage cost on free market. It’s disappointing that people are excited so much about another network for child-porn and shit like that. Decentralization is needed in exchange business, but not in storage business. Safe network project look like poorly managed and i bet it will never work as you imagine in production, if will then i don’t see how it will take off as it will imply TOR take-off as well, but nobody using that so there is no market for thing that you are guys trying to build.

But good luck with your bets! At least your are trying to build something and that kind of people are and always be valuable asset to society.

In one sense, you are correct. In a perfect world, the case for decentralization of storage would be much harder. However, you may too young to realize that we do not live in a perfect world. Powerful state and corporate actors are able to censor what content is available to people. This censorship is not the vision most of us had of the internet in the 80’s and 90’s, where we imagined a world where governments and corporations would finally not be able to ram their version of “truth” down the throats of the populace.

SAFEnet is tremendously exciting, because it will allow that free flow of information past the gate-keepers so that people all over the world can find the truths that some may not want them to find.

As an added perk, that may be more up your ally, it will provide a currency that is completely anonymous with quick transaction times and no centralization caused by the need for expensive, power hungry mining rigs such as many other cryptos. Because of the parallel nature of the network, Transactions per second will not be dependent upon how quickly some blockchain can be securely updated.


Please don’t dramatize as nobody censoring you right now, maybe if you are conspiracy theory enthusiast. but then i will not help you. I’m not living in a perfect world, but for me it look like you are or you just don’t saw how anonymous internet really look like … yes in perfect world it probably will look perfect and there will be no law and regulations required as all people will be perfect;-))

Well OK then. You are very happy with the world that you live in and how it is run. That’s fine, and I would say you are in the majority and I am in the minority. However, I am surprised. Typically, your type is not interested in the crypto space at all. You are a strange duck in that you appear to like crypto, you probably see it as purely a way to make money, but you are otherwise, very content with the status quo. Good luck. I’m sure you won’t want to hang out here.


He is a troll and not worth expending any energy or time dialoging with. He also hijacked this topic. Good riddance.

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Hi guys, it’s not to bother you, but your discussion is a little off topic, even if your utopias are interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t agree with your "PS"
MaidSafe is a solid company with a groundbreaking design, very competent team and demonstrable developmental evolution.
You clearly have no idea of what you are talking about.

I would gladly put more money in MAID in the next dip.


What are my motives?

No it not. [quote=“Jabba, post:652, topic:13608”]
One member of staff was good enough to probe a little in his spare time, it threw up concerns and was reassuringly critical and sceptical (inspires more confidence than circle-jerking imo)

How do you know its just one? And who’s circle jerking?

Im sorry but that is so wrong. So many indications the NVO guys misrepresented themselves, and they continue. You ignore the facts.

Thats one telling statement. I can decipher that later. But you dont like marketing? NVO played loose with Maidsafe name and others to bring legitimacy to their raise, no?

Question for you:

Do you know who Alex, the Coinpayments CEO is?

Do you know who Memgum is?

Do you know where the CTO is, who hasnt been heard from since nemgum took on all aspects of this? Do you think that is concerning?

You have the benefit of all of this public scrutiny, thats why your not investing. Nothing to do with Lambos.

Presumably to protect Maidsafe’s reputation.

I didn’t say ‘only’ one, we know of one who spoke openly, as I said. I also said it is “better” than circle jerking i.e. no one is circle-jerking and it is a good thing to have critical comments.[quote=“BIGbtc, post:653, topic:13608”]
Im sorry but that is so wrong. So many indications the NVO guys misrepresented themselves, and they continue. You ignore the facts.

No, you ignore the facts, not me. It won’t reflect badly on maidsafe if NVO fails. It won’t reflect badly on Maidsafe if NVO misrepresented themselves. Maidsafe are not responsible for what NVO say or do. I’ve no idea why you think they are. Is Vitalik responsible for all the failures on Eth?[quote=“BIGbtc, post:653, topic:13608”]
But you dont like marketing?

I think the world would be a better place if there were no ‘marketing’ - as we think of it today anyway, I’m not talking about stifling information flow.[quote=“BIGbtc, post:653, topic:13608”]
NVO played loose with Maidsafe name and others to bring legitimacy to their raise, no?

No. NVO thought they had more official support than they did, Maidsafe have been very clear they are not in the business of endorsing or analysing all of the Apps built on their network… an important precedent I’d imagine given what kind of Apps we might find on there in a few years.

I’ve not ‘had beers’ :wink: but I have known who he is for a couple of years yes, he is a relatively well-known figure in bitcoin and he has been since long before I got into it.[quote=“BIGbtc, post:653, topic:13608”]
Do you know who Memgum is?

Only as much as you.[quote=“BIGbtc, post:653, topic:13608”]
Do you know where the CTO is, who hasnt been heard from since nemgum took on all aspects of this? Do you think that is concerning?

Nope, and no. Why would he bother, they have raised more than they need. If I were them I wouldn’t bother with all the various forums either. They don;t need to care about raising investor confidence or maintaining it now. Nor would I be wasting my time on that. Delivering is the only thing they should be preoccupied with atm.

Absolutely not, and you should not really presume to tell me my own mind. I would not be investing in NVO to profit from it. I don’t really care at the scale I’d be investing (a btc or two at best). I invest in ico’s now to support good projects I like and I write it off as soon as I make the investment; there are way too many ico’s nowadays, most will fail… Like many others I am fortunate enough to not need to care much about money now that crypto has started booming, I am more concerned with using what I have to further the agenda that first drew me here. If NVO had raised under $1M I would buy in, but they don’t need $5M (or whatever they’ll end up with) to see this through so my notional crypto profit is better ‘spent’ elsewhere.

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So you dont know anyone associated with the project. Dont care that they show integrity. And thinks its best they just deliver, even though they dont have the skills. Such a low bar.

Very fortunate indeed. Others may not be as fortunate and may rely the integrity and competency of the team developing their project to get where you are.

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Maid safe community members you need to discuss with this guy and answer why maidsafe is best for all of us

Meh, his points showed he hasn’t done enough research and doesn’t understand the proposed network design or features properly. I think most of us are tired of explaining the same things over and over after years in the community. It’s fine if people ask nicely, but if they’re aggressive and rude then why would we want to enlighten them? SAFE doesn’t require investors. We’re not pumping or trying to convince people to buy into our pyramid scheme. SAFE is a utility. Once is has been built it will either be useful or not and live or die on those terms (hint, it will be). I see absolutely no reason to bother convincing anyone who has already made their mind up, let them believe whatever they want.

Just my two cents ofc, I can’t speak for ‘the community’, I’m just saying why I didn’t bother and I suspect others felt the same.

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I didn’t get any argument from anyone. It looks like nobody even know what exactly end-product will be and what problems will solve.

@Jabba sorry don’t buying it and I made actually too much research on this. If this was explained over and over, you can give me link to a thread

You haven’t done enough research, because the criticisms you are making are nonsensical.

There are others who are making relevant questions regarding to the actual design of the network.
But you @svisstack don’t seem to grasp the bare minimum.

So my advice is to research more before starting to make judgements.

Compare your rants to this other comments from a newbie who DID his homework:

That’s is someone who does care about really understanding it, and despite not being a developer he does have a high level grasping.

Your comments on the other hand, are the rants of someone who didn’t even read the most basic description of the network and jumping into conclusions based on those assumptions.

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Neither am I selling it, so we’re on the same page.

I have no desire to convince you of anything. Please ignore this project, nothing to see here and nothing to learn.

Just move on and buy yourself some Storj or something, same difference but the community will be more up your street.

Ultimately I think this is why the SEC will end up getting involved in crypto soon. People making bets they don’t understand will be demanding accountability for their mistakes and they’ll turn to the regulators rather than accept their own responsibility. That’s the way it is in crypto right now, you can’t stop it happening, no one can, it will just play out in a fairly obvious way.

I still don’t think Maidsafe have any responsibility or are at risk.I don’t think the NVO team have shown a lack of integrity, I think they just made a few missteps. I have no idea if they have the skills or not, neither do you really. I have no idea with 99% of the crypto projects out there tbh. Most people will lose most of their money in most alt crypto projects from this deep in the early speculative bubble, that almost seems like a given, no?

What is it you want to know? What have you read? There’s a great thread here with lots of links to relevant information - which of these have your read and what is it you have concluded from them, or is this a good source of new information for you?

You came across to me as trying to diss or troll the project which is why I haven’t responded to you. If that isn’t the case and you really want to learn, there is some additional learning about how to find out what you want, how to get people to help you, rather than coming across as someone who doesn’t really want to learn at all.