Top ten apps on maidsafe

For fun what are your top five apps for maidsafe.

  1. flickr- safe storage of all my memories.
  2. social media. connection to all my friend and family.
  3. A maidsafe steam- gamers app.
  4. A youtube or vimeo paid tv and free access on a xbmc type of app.
  5. and sykpe communication app for ubuntu phone…

I would also love to see a external openmesh networks to be built on top of the network, like an maidsafe hotspots

i would love to see a set top box with a baked in xbmc type platform down the road. I think something like that would help show what it is and what it is capable of to the masses…and a SAFE OS!!! :smiley:

1 Voting app for pure direct democracy govt

2 free, distributed AI for everybody who has internet access

3 SAFEx turning into the last marketplace ever created, and the first 100% free market, where everyone can anonymously and instantly buy everything with no tx fees (the official merging of the darknet and the internet)

4 Distributed database of all medical knowledge, free of patents or prohibitions, so anyone with the right 3D medicine assembler can instantly create meds for all known curable diseases

5 SAFEuber :slight_smile: no more 20% (now 30%?!) fees!! (this is my current job lol)

Now that would be cool, maybe the ubuntu people could make a maidubuntu with a xbmc front…streaming on demand video.