Top 8 Reasons to Invest in Maidsafe Shares

Seems like it might be a US thing, specifically, from reading the fine print. :confused:

Oh? Or maybe I didn’t care back then. Who knows… I don’t :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry, can’t help. I wouldn’t mind too much about it, but obviously that’s your perogative.

Edit: Now I can see them. I cant remember it like that though. No clue, sorry

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It may be a US thing, but the platform seems perhaps out of date, as the FCA now say you can be a self-certified unsophisticated investor, as long as you only invest up to 10% of your investments in unlisted shares.


Many people from US have already invested. And the self certifying thing is just to cover their butts, YOU are the one certifying yourself (wink wink). Do what you have to do @marmalade. It’s also possible you have to create a new account if the platform won’t let you recertify

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Yep - I’m pretty sure that’s “a US thing” too.

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You must be an ‘accredited investor’:

  1. you must make $250,000+ a year
  2. net worth must be $1,000,000+
  3. joint net worth must exceed $300,000

if you don’t meet these requirements there really is no point in trying to acquire shares…you can donate to the pitch tho


You just have to say you do, I don’t think anyone will hold you to those standards or revoke your shares. I could be wrong but I guess a donation we’ll spent


I don’t meet those requirements and I qualified as an “accredited investor” by filling out their questionnaire.


If those were actual requirements the minimum would be significantly higher than £1000.


U.S ‘Accredited Investor’*
Sorry for the typo…
Well you can technically acquire the shares for the moment, but from reading the terms of condition it does seem like BnkToTheFuture does reserve the right to ‘revoke’ your shares, not sure if revoke is the best where to describe it, but yeah…
I personally, did acquire my shares, but after some time BnkToTheFuture asked me to complete a survey to confirm I was a U.S ‘Accredited Investor’ and restricted some of the functions to the website until I completed the survey.

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Are you a U.S resident?

@k_ang No, I live in Europe.

Yeah this only applies if you are a U.S resident, unfortunately
everyone else is free to invest without worry :slight_smile:

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As I understand it, it’s just lip service to bureaucracy. In order to take your money for their SPVs BttF need to tell the financial authorities/regulators that it comes from self-certified, sophisticated investors of high net worth. In other words, not from everyday muggles who need lots of extra protection and regulation to stop them doing something stupid. Self-certifying ‘classes’ of investors is obviously a joke on every level. It’s such a ridiculous idea, the only good thing about it is that is isn’t properly regulated or enforceable so it’s meaningless - unless you like to drive between the lines ofc then maybe it could put you off investing ;).


Wow I wish I knew this beforehand…

Interesting, I didn’t know that. N1 David, makes me feel better about it… not that it would ever have stopped me :wink:

You’re not Steve Ballmer, are you? :wink:

The easy route is just to use the rest API that comes with the launcher. No need to worry about licensing at all then.


Biggest investment problem atm is that the price is going down and people dont wanna sell their precious safecoins for such small amount

This may go for longtime supporters, but I don’t think this is an issue for most investors that are already on Bank to the Future.

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