Top 8 Reasons to Invest in Maidsafe Shares

Today’s interview with Nick was hugely eye opening as to how insanely profitable / successful MaidSafe can be with SAFE’s launch. Many many points were brought up that many of us have never thought of, so enjoy:

#…Top 8 Reasons to Invest in MaidSafe Shares:

  1. ALL SAFE APPS THAT DO NOT ADOPT THE GPLv3 LICENSE OR USE THE SAFE APIs MUST PAY MAIDSAFE 1% OF THEIR REVENUE ALWAYS. I can’t stress how huge this is. Once SAFE’s network-effect takes hold, giant companies will be forking over crazy amounts to keep their source code private.

  2. MaidSafe is positioned to receive a large part of the 5% of ALL generated SafeCoins, that are set aside for core devs, for the forseeable future (until other groups and programmers start helping in this area). That is a huge income. (They may also be among the largest farming groups early on, when farming is most profitable)

  3. MaidSafe is currently among–if not The–top SAFE application dev teams in the world, as they created the world’s first SAFE email system within a week or two. They could dominate the app scene with ease–especially early on, when SafeCoin sees its giant rises–if they so choose. Don’t forget 10% of ALL generated SafeCoins go straight to the app devs.

  4. These stocks are LIMITED, AND MORE MAY NOT BE OFFERED AGAIN! They allow the possibility for future MaidSafe IPO with huge gains, or possible MaidSafe acquisition for giant gains from current tiny price point (of barely $1M USD), or large possible fiat/ SafeCoin dividends paid regularly.

  5. MaidSafe is a hyper-efficient company, as their systems scale infinitely, disrupt companies with billions in profits (and billions in equipment expenses), but has no infrastructure costs of its own. That sets the stage for insane profitability.

  6. Even just the current Alpha release is enough to be licensed to large data centers for profit, as it would eliminate data losses during server crashes. So I know we all aren’t happy it isn’t 100% finished being fully decentralized yet, but don’t overlook the technical marvel of what a networking achievement it is, with its vaults and routing.

  7. Finally, last place is the original USB sticks straight from MaidSafe, and live SafeCoins sent straight to you at launch, both of which could become extremely valuable. Also an amount of free BTC every day from BNK (so the $1k is offset by all this).

  8. oh &…Con$$$ulting. Period.

So anyone who believes that SAFE will be successful at all would be foolish to not invest anything into the company that is in the best position to profit hugely from it!!

(not legal advice etc) (also I made this shortened version of @fergish 's podcast to focus on the parts that talk about profitability. It’s the one I keep referencing above.)

#Register & Invest!


5% of 4.3B SAFEcoins = 215M SAFEcoins @ today’s price is $ 17.2M :kissing_heart:

@whiteoutmashups Is it ok if I use a few of these, in my bnktothefuture pitch update?


No way I’ll sue you how dare you

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Lol jk of course man do anything that helps

And it’s the “generated” SafeCoins, so it isn’t calculated against the 4.3b total, but the amount being farmed by the network at any given time. Still huge though!


Its even better since coins are recycled. So over ten years it could way more than that.


And point #3 (10% to app devs) is potentially double as big as point #2 that you guys are talking about. MaidSafe has definitely said they’ll make apps


I have a hard time visualizing how the network will differentiate between gpl3 and proprietary apps. Someone please bring me up to speed?

I was wondering aswell. How will the “copyleft” really Pan out? Couldn’t they just use the Safe apis and get all the nice features without ever having to contribute via gpl-lincensed code or license fees?

GPL3 is a virus, it spreads itself and forces companies to use different technologies. I have a big project and GPL licences are nightmare. My company is investing a lot to make a very nice product, which people like a lot. Our problem is, that there is a lot of opensource concurency, which offers free products. They can use GPL libraries , we can’t. As a result our development is very costy, becuase we have to use worse libraries, develope custom solution where others simply use GPL libraries. Those GPL libraries does not have comercial licence, so we can’t buy them, and if there is comercial licence, it is almost always too expensive for small bussiness . We still deliver best product on the market, but we have to charge people much more because of coustom solutions, that we have to develope.

So be very careful about GPL3, it can easily destroy whole network. I did not know, that even apps have to be GPL3, that is really bad idea, and will definitelly prevent comercial projects to join. I thought GPL3 is just on network sources. If you force GPL3 on all apps using maidsafe API, than this project has hardly big future. Opensource projects are cool, but can hardly compare to full time paid developmnet. GPL3 apps will never have such quaility as comercial.

100%, if people link to the core libraries, then it’s GPL3 (dual) and no question there. If apps use the REST API then they choose any license they wish. If apps are developed via the Community Engagement Program they only require to be open source.

So something for everyone, but the core code and core apps will always be free and demand that freedom through licensing.



Great post! Though I would also encourage people to listen to the interview with Nick. You also talk mostly about future revenue streams (which is obviously key) and the only thing I would add would be on the cost side. Maidsafe as a company is like its network in that it requires very little capital to scale. SG&A will probably be the biggest expense, so most of the revenue that gets generated is going to drop to the bottom line and even here, by working with outside developers instead of employees payroll costs and social charges should remain low. So we have the potential for high revenue growth and low operating costs even as the business scales.


Nothing stops you from using open source code. It is only your business decision.

GPL is probably the best thing that has ever happened in licensing. If not for it we would only have seen predatory corporation involvement like surrounding MIT and similar licenses.


You can’t do serious end user products on GPL licence. There is big difference between some libary, framework and end user product. Opensource libraries and frameworks are good think, but spreading this infection in end product is serious disaster for product quality. Such complex products have mostly 90%+ of additional value added by developer, but GPL forces him to make it opensource, just because it uses even single library with GPL out of hundreds. This makes very easy for competition to fork the code and earn money on his hard work. As a result, such developer will not earn enough money for his work. Then is is not worth to work on such products and try to make them awesome. So even if there are people willing to pay for high quality products, such products are not created, since it is not profitable to do so. In the end, GPL3 virus infection is like socialism, giving huge advantage (resource donation) to OpenSource projects, and making comercial projects harder and harder to develope.

Definitely, that’s point #5 in the OP

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Yes me too that’s why I created a whole buncha links in the OP that link to where Nick speaks on those parts in the interview. Please click them and hear him! He was on fire :fire: :fire: :fire:

Why do you think it would prevent commercial entities using the network? They would just opt for a commercial license giving them the opportunity to close source and apply any license to their derivative work. This would enable them to replace their 30/40% (estimate) existing infrastructure costs with a 1% licensing fee.


As it was already written, GPL is not forced on API usage, hence it solves problem I was thinking there is with GPL on all Apps. Since licencing based on % of income is just for those apps, that want to integrade maidsafe code, it gives enough space to grow the network.

Sure 1% licencing fee couldwork, but I really don’t know how you want to controll the income of the app? Do you want to check company bookkeeping? Or it is 1% fee just on safe coin transactions? There is no way how to controll income form credit cards, bitcoins, etc… Also even if there is some manual way how to check the all the income, will it be worth it for small projects? I probably don’t understand what is meant by 1% fee, since 1% of the company income is impossible to track. I can imagine licencing based on number of users using such app, or licencing whole network clone for corporation private use.

Well for large publicly traded companies at least, (where all the big bucks are anyway) they have to report their earnings so it’s very easy to see and get MaidSafe’s 1%

Woow, great find. I even didn’t thought about this one.

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This is true, only for really big companies in western countries. It does not work on big companies in tax heaven countries.

And what will be with small companies? Such licence will not work for them and they will not want to build their products under such unclear and hard to proof conditions. For small companies it would be much easier to enter safenetwork with something much simpler, like monthly subscription or easily calculated fee based on amount of users, or just simple flat fee.