Tonight 2016 Australian Census - Privacy Concerns an Understatement

For those not in Aus, we are having our national census tonight and it’s looking like a train wreck is about to happen.

Number 1 issue? Privacy.

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Their site that could handle the load didn’t

Even their press release gloating over how it could handle the load had the proof it would not.

“The census site can handle 1 million per hour. There is expected to be 15 million people completing their forms online on the night of the 9th of August”

Shame the ABS chief cannot count, maybe statisticians don’t need the ability to count anymore. But 15 million people completing online in the hour after dinner is the reason it failed. Even if they did it between 6 and midnight it still was a massive fail. To suggest that people would be good sheeple and somehow keep a steady pace for 15 hours and through the wee hours of the morning, Oh dear what a bunch of dunces heading up our ABS.

Then to create linkage keys so that they could tie all of government data into one big data set for all Australians, that was a fail waiting to happen too.

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What happens if you aren’t on the electoral roll?

Answer: nothing. A little bird told me this. :slight_smile:

Truth is, those buffoons don’t correlate one official database with another.

Lol. This just gets better and better. News just in, site was hacked too.