Token supply after launch

Hey guys, I’ve been reading back trying to find the topic because I’m quite sure this has been discussed before. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it.

I’m curious about the SNT supply at network launch. I’m assuming we will see a ton of nodes popping up before any data will be put on the network. This would make the token supply go up, but by how much? I’m sure we can’t predict exact numbers, but I’m wondering what you guys think.

Anyone with an insight?

From the site:

The total number of Safecoin that can exist on the Safe Network is 2^32, or just under 4.3 billion. 5% of that total has been allocated to compensate early investors who backed the Network development in the early days. A further 10% was sold to crowdsale participants in early 2014

So 15% of 4.3 billion at launch :dragon:

Thanks Dimitar, however, this is supply at launch. I’m looking for the expected token supply after launch. For example, when do we expect 25% of total supply to be in circulation, when 50 and when 100 (if that can ever happen?)

It has not been decided yet, there are opinions of the two opposites - as fast as possible versus as slow as possible…

I could think of reasons why as slow as possible would be better, what would be reasons for as fast as possible?

Security. If the people are holding all the tokens, there is no reason for the sections to be attacked.

Also, if you finish all monetary inflation quickly, the whole system will theoretically stabilize faster (bitcoin reached 20k at 3.9% monetary inflation). Now people think that this will f#ck up the first investors, because few people understand that it is not inflation that matters, but the ratio between new people and the inflation.

If millions and millions of new people enter the game, the price will rise, despite the fact that monetary inflation is high too. See my explanation for The 112 Club:

Thank you for the answer! Trying to get a grasp of how this would work exactly. You’re saying security-wise releasing all the tokens would be better, my previous understanding was that not reaching max supply was essential. People contributing resources to the network should be getting rewards even if people are not putting data on the network, correct? This would mean max supply should never be hit because farmers would no longer receive rewards until someone PUT on the network.

How would this function if max supply is reached and how would an attack on a section work if not all the coins are in circulation?

I described the extremes, what we will have is something in the middle. People will upload something and pay (I speculate that it will not be more than in the FileCoin and Sia networks for at least the first decade, because no matter how bad they are compared to Safe, they are many times better than the centralized net, which for me shows that decentralization is not something that is sought by the mass of people at the moment), the rest will be paid by the network tokens, ie. as long as we’re alive I don’t think we’ll see all the tokens in circulation.