ToDoMVC - An excellent example for us all

This project by @draw deserves its own post to elevate attention on it. I honestly believe that this is the best in class example for working with mutable data in the SAFE network API. Excellent work, truely. :clap::clap:

let’s get this example the attention that it deserves

hosted safe://www.todo/ and source


I"ll try to add some small improvements later. Of course someone else can also do that. TodoMVC seems to be a commonly used, kind of “hello world”-example.


Improvements added:

  • Refactor: following more (but not completely) the TodoMVC specifications and template and also the standard.js style. Moved the safe ‘wrapper’-functions to the safe.js file (using anonymous IIFE function: no modules needed).
  • Added loading screen

I know there are still errors like when deleting completed todo-entries.
But I’m going to wait for the next version of the Safe browser to see which errors remain: in development mode of the most recent version I see no errors (not tested everything)…

Ps: I’ve forgotten there was already an effort to a TodoMVC Safe example: MaidSAFE • TodoMVC.


it is a lot to learn but it is very interesting

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I just went through the trending github repositories and i found something interesting: joplin, a note taking and to-do application with synchronization capabilities for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.
This project want to support multiple backends in an easy way:

It is easy to support new services by creating simple drivers that provide a filesystem-like interface, i.e. the ability to read, write, delete and list items.

Maybe a good idea to make it support Alpha 2…


I’ve ported my Safe-todo-draw: on Alpha 2 previous version still safe://todo, the ‘Peruse v0.6.0 version’: safe://to-do.