To make it easier for beginners

ladies and gentlemen, eats here a convenient tutorial for newbies? Something like this, paragraph-1: click here , para-2: download here, para 3: install so, and so on the points. As such a simple explanation it was not found And if he is, then fix it on the main for future newbies, this will allow more easily and quickly integrate into the community
For example downloading the launcher you will find only with the help of the Internet. But there is no link on the forum in the beginners category.Just have a lot to shovel left-wing sites to get to the truth.Thank you for your attention. Good luck and all the best )))
Sorry for my English. The translation is to blame Google :wink:

how did the link in my post if I’m not putting anything in?

The Discourse-forum software recognized .as as a domain (American Samoa)?
Can try this again here: :slight_smile:
In your case you want this to enter as points. As with an end of sentence period+space in between? And Google Translate pulled your leg?

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That’s right, thanks for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face: