Tips for 3-letter agencies wishing to infiltrate and subvert the SAFE Network project


Yeah for the OP, most of TPTB would only learn about SAFE or other things as they actually become real, and start making actual real world trouble. That’s what the organizations spend their money and focus on. Immediate threats.


A while a go I got a recommended video on Youtube about ‘how long does a severed head remain conscious’.
Why I got that recommendation isn’t clear (maybe because I saw a couple of ‘mousetrap monday’ videos before that).
That video wasn’t that bad and interesting from a scientific point of view. But in the comments there was a reference to a Taliban/Isis beheading on Reddit. I’m pretty sure this video is removed from Reddit by now, but it seemed it worked at that time according to the Youtube replies (I didn’t have the need to check that myself).
Conclusion: sometimes you even don’t have to look for it to encounter such videos on the current Internet.


It could lead to decentralized forms of governance, where there is no individual to attack or take down. The benefit of blackmail or or smear campaigns would be nullified when bad actors don’t have a target. Their sensitive and compromising material becomes less valuable and puts them at risk of swarm defense responses.

Crowd-sourced detective work is already pretty rampant in the deeper corners of the internet. Large groups are uncovering details about news stories not originally published or even knowable by individual reporters. For example, they’ve found a bunch of evidence in that big limo accident from yesterday that killed 20 people. It seems a number of people in the limo worked for a semiconductor company with strong connections to Elemental, the group mentioned in that Bloomberg article about China back-dooring chips at Apple and Amazon…

Here’s another goodie which might explain what that whole supreme court mess was about:


I think it’s much less of a threat to ordinary individuals than to the entrenched elites where blackmail and “control files” are very much part of reality and being used to corrupt elected and other officials whom the public believe are acting on their behalf.

If we’re really lucky, once SAFE Network is launched, some renegade party will simply mass publish huge tranches of control files on a plethora of famous people, and in doing so, not only causing the biggest public uproar ever but also pretty much inoculating the entire world against such practices (practices = both the blackmail and the offensive behavior making blackmail viable) ever again reaching the (presumably) catastrophic dimensions they have in today’s world.


“Well, do ya, punk?”
My bet is it starts happening this month or next.

At least we shouldn’t have much to worry about from Silicon Valley, they seem to have enough problems of their own…


You’re right, of course, maybe I should have put the word “threat” in quotation marks. But you know what I mean.

Sadly, I don’t think this will be the case. Sure, there will be an uproar - several uproars. There have been uproars about the Titanic sinking, about the documented practices in Abu Ghraib, and about the earth circling the sun or not circling the sun, and about Snowden’s revelations. But I don’t believe in any inoculation against human nature. Humans like scandals, but they also generally adapt and calm down until they find a new temporary scandal to be up in arms about.

I don’t believe people a couple of hundred years ago would have thought twice about slaughtering an animal. Now most people, at least in the West, don’t seem to know where their food comes from and frown at gutting a fish, while at the same time happily munching away at the latest sushi dish. A thousand years ago most probably felt killing another person was just fine. I believe these views or values come and go in historical circles.

Like I said, I’m a big supporter of the Safe Network. I think it’s a good thing. But I don’t believe humans as a species will become any nicer than they are now, no matter how much stuff is exposed. Society will change and different things may become acceptable or unacceptable. But there will likely always be those who have more power and those who have less. And some of those who have more power will hurt those who have less for profit.


This is how they would do it:


Hopefully we will have a high bar (many eyes on any new code) for approving code changes down the track when the network is live.


This is exactly the kind of alternative angle of attack which I was attempting to elicit in my starting post. Now, if we could also find something on the angle related to infiltrating and subverting the social scene of the developers or compromising individual devs, I’d be elated.

And I’m sure there are even more peculiar angles that we haven’t even identified.


My major concern, however, and it’s actually what I believe is going to happen, if something like the SAFE Network will be launched, with all the features and marvelous consequences for free speech and an end to nefarious cryptocracy, and kleptocracy and tyranny being able to ocnceal their evil operations, which we all believe it will or hope for, is that the embattled elites will then find that their only option will be to

pull the plug on the Internet…

(sure, I see people argue that that’s impossible, “it’s never gonna happen”. I disagree.)


I think that once the code is put onto the network itself and developers around the globe start working on it through the network itself, thus rendering them anonymous developers … plus (I hope) there will be some system of “developer aging” (lol) to vet the devs … then it will be quite difficult to subvert the code as it will require a consensus of devs “adult-devs” to add/modify the existing code.

On the other hand, if this isn’t taken seriously (I sure it will be as there are many here who understand the threat) and if most people just upgrade without caring how development is being handled, then problems will arise - the abc’s could and would put a lot of their people on the project as devs and they could certainly work together to sneak in “underhanded” code.


This is also a reason why we need to be supportive of the Maidsafe team taking their time to get the code to a very high level of workability and readability before beta. As this will make it more difficult for manipulators to insert underhanded code.