Tipping vs earning for content creation (bitcoin cash example)

Oh. Point.

And of course agreed 100%, opt in, always opt in by default. Just one incomplete option among many. And of course such a blind network would not work at all for what a lot of people need or want to do. Might not fit with current culture or human nature but there was a time when works were unsigned. A Salinger type figure might like it but it would be repulsive for many for sure. I like it, but doubt I could make use of it as contributor for anything as the bar would be high. And all that storage would need something like SAFE. Its just an app or sevice not a network.

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@warren Just to be sure, is the idea that @Nigel published his work, I like it so a make a payment. He publishes another piece of work, but there’s no way for me to know that’s him again?

So every piece of work stands on its own.

I think this tries to bypass things that drive humans to follow artists, and especially buy music. Lots of psychological stuff going on which I don’t pretend to understand, but think is powerful. So it would be an interesting experiment to see how artists or consumers respond to such a system.

Have you thought about that?


@happybeing Well it seems like the logical end point of where my preferences lead. Site would presumably time stamp all postings so earliest for a work or similar might be easier to track to get at originality. And presumably if people who tip are doing so just to fund future works from that source they are interested in aiming the tips at the actual source for efficiency. Seems that multiple people could share a single account but then anonymity is more of an issue. People will copy or be inspired so seems it would be important to have a function that displays chronological similars. And people can pick what they want. Account names might end up looking like web addresses.

@happybeing Sorry I didn’t respond to what you asked. Yes I agree, runs counter to a lot of culture and maybe to human nature. But there may be a certain alure for the same reason writers or artists sometimes publish under pen names. Sometimes you just want the universe to give its clearest opinion on a work at a certain place in time and culture. Don’t for instance want your prior works or directions coloring or tainting.
And some people might want to develop in that environment. Maybe it has a feed back mechanism? I think a text based feed back mechanism could be risky even if one way and of course totally anonymous. Might need to be one way only from public to provider all comments individual and not searchable by public or visible to public- but I don’t like that because that is a lot of temptation- some girl says: I am this girl call me and xyz and the next thing the anonymity and pure price signal gets destroyed. Just let it be a unique time stamped serial number for each work that allows instant micro or more macro payment but may even allow money channeled
for duration for a set or total amount. Just have to make sure its not a money laundering mechanism.
I think its not because there is a paper trail to the outwardly anonymous account and if there were an investigation by authorities it could be done privately. Guess this would have to be more of a human backed service- like a Patreon but hopefully without stupid ambition. Seems essential that the service itself run as close to cost as possible to maximize value for both the public and creative people. It should be like a raw road way, plain and rugged like a slab of stainless steel.