Tinkering & developing

Longtime lurker, many years actually.

I miss the old times of making apps, having the safe browsers, making web pages,

Is there anything similar we can work with these days, to make apps or websites?

That was always my favorite part of safe… Seeing and creating


Unfortunately not much at this particular moment in time. Before was a lot of proving the tech in a less decentralized way and now the ground work is being laid for all of that out in the wild, in a truly decentralized environment where any number of malicious actors could stand in line to take their shot.

So the main focus now has been stable network on home machines that retains all data. There is a lot of user interface flows ready for when that happens so when we get a stable network and see safe network token/tokenomics done, then focus on API’s and docs should be top priority and the fun stuff for the everyday folk will appear pretty quick.

There will likely be bumps and pit stops along the way but feels like the network is on the road to delivery.


What about anything basic in the mean time?

Or a way to boot up and use the releases of the past to keep tinkering with new app ideas?

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You could build apps without Safe Network by implementing your own dummy backend. Later when the APIs are available again you switch the dummy functions (which save to the local FS or browser storage) for functions which use Safe Network.


If you wanted to use Rust to make something, there wouldn’t actually be anything to stop you from using sn_api at the moment. That’s what Safe CLI uses.

There just aren’t APIs for other languages.


Does that cover everything (register/map, DNS, wallets etc) or just file upload/download?

And I guess the only docs are the code including tests?


I see here that it covers much of that but I’m guessing there are gaps wrt wallets until DBCs are integrated:


Anything you can do with the CLI is done via the API. At the moment there are no wallets.

Of course, you’re right about the documentation. You’d really need to be drilling in to the code for the API to see what’s available. So it’s definitely not easy; I’m just pointing out it would be possible.


Do the previous APIs made years ago still work?

There was a JS “wrapper” safejs and pysafe and things like that.

It would probably need to be using the old builds, to function though.

I’ll try


Sadly no, otherwise we’d all all be in about them :slight_smile:

What do you mean?

Like aren’t the Alpha 10 builds still on github?

Would just need some type of local offline solution for the backend

Yes but that is going to be so out-of-date that it would be worthless, I think.

However if it lets you get ahead and start developing then carry on and good luck.


It’s not that they don’t work as such, they just haven’t been kept up to date.

As the network has developed and changed, based on the size of the team we have, it’s been challenging even to keep things like the main CLI updated. The main focus has been trying to get a working network and CLI combination that we could launch with. We’ve also re-structured our code now such that the CLI must be updated for breaking changes.

I think after we launch, attention will turn again to APIs for other languages. At this point, we’ll have a more constant and stable base on which to build those APIs.


Yeah i just don’t know rust and wanted to get a few ideas worked on in the meantime (which could potentially continue to be ample) :smile: but excited

And I’d be fine with rewriting the actual nuts and bolts code later on when new APIs are available.

I’ll be back here with more questions when I’m home, ready to get it running on my laptop


Also a lurker for many years. I never was able to test this because I needed a badge or something about spending time on the forum. My mobile browser did not seem to record my time. I’m glad to have started watching again when things are about to get moving…?