Timing is everything and SAFEnetwork to the rescue

Corruption with a central authority is nothing new to the majority of folks here, but even the flagship groups of clearnet are starting to notice the wheels are coming off.

Thank goodness for a solution as beautiful as it’s icon…SAFEnetwork. How will an attacker corrupt SAFE’s central authentication authority…oh wait there isn’t one (human at least).


How will SAFEnetwork handle DDoS attacks of such large proportions!!!:scream: … Oh wait, DDoS can’t exist on SAFE.

How will SAFE protect its servers and user data from being stolen :scream: …oh wait there are no servers or user data online to steal.

Timing is everything. If I didn’t know for a fact the folks at MaidSafe are working their tails off on SAFE I would think they would be behind all these large scale clearnet disasters.


It’s not us, it’s bad logic and a broken system, nature kills species that evolve in the wrong direction :smiley:




Oh no! could SAFEnetwork DNS authorities get subverted!!! Oh wait there is no central DNS authority to fail…

I hope we can welcome the world when it goes from walking towards the exit to a full on stampede.