Timestamps on the Safe Network

Following on from this post about timestamps in NRS which summarizes the current thoughts as

One thing I noticed was not yet discussed was how bitcoin manages timestamps. It’s a crucial part of the mining algorithm (since blocks are intended to be 10m apart the network needs to be able to measure time). There’s a great summary of how it works and the risks on Jameson Lopp’s blog Bitcoin Timestamp Security.

Any other ideas on how time might be used on the Safe Network?


I had suggested a long time ago that there will become specialised servers such as equivalent of NTP servers for Apps to query and use.

The idea would be that they return the time signed with their keys to verify the record. The APP would send value field to be included so that the signed time can be associated with say the hash of a document to prove the document existed at that time.

Thus a creation time for a file could be added to the directory entry for the file or as user supplied meta data for the chunks/file.

Obviously this can be gamed but at least there is a way to prove something with that hash was signed at this time by the authority of one or more (equivalent of) NTP servers.

And this is only useful for APPs.

I still believe that if the protocols for comms and storage can exclude the need for time (clock) then it will be more robust and less prone to issues