Timeframe for Release

I have been looking into Maidsafe for many years, I was wondering if they had a date for the beta release?


not fix date team is working hard maybe 1 2 years they will take but when will coins price increase no one know better to store before realise…

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I’d say Beta will probably be less than 1-2 years, but predicting development is gazing into a crystal ball really. There’s just no way to know how long it could take to do things that have never been done before. There’s also no way to predict what issues audits and extensive testing might reveal. The lion’s share of the hard work is certainly behind us, but some of the unknowns could as easily take several weeks as several months. Fingers crossed it will be all be simpler now the skeleton and most of the muscles are there, it just needs a bit of fleshing out and a lot of testing before it is set loose on the world. :wink: