Time to retire safenetwork.wiki?

Hi all,

With the launch of the new safenetwork.tech site I was wondering how we’d feel about retiring the “old” wiki site? Not having to maintain multiple sites covering the same ground would appear to make sense to me.

As I see it, the highest value ticket the wiki provides is the FAQ section and we’ve got that in the new site. I like the glossary as well so chances are we could incorporate that in the new site too.

If no-one has any strong objections then I’d start to look at retiring the wiki towards the end of August.

Cast your vote in my first ever forum poll and feel free to let me know your thoughts by replying below.

  • Remove Wiki
  • Keep Wiki
  • Don’t care

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The reality is it’s time to retire ALL the old Maidsafe & Safenet.

Its time for a new Maidsafe, new Safenet.

IMO, this fact is not lost on most in this community.


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I like the Wiki and there’s loads of useful stuff in there but it needs a dedicated someone to make sure it stays up to date, old info being worse than no info very often. With a small team this is just extra work for little extra benefit, so with a heavy heart I voted ‘goodbye old friend’.


Time to embrace the dawning of a new day.

At some point a wiki would surely be useful, maybe one with a focus on developers. At the moment there isn’t much of a community around the wiki though and maybe there won’t be much need until there’s a large community of developers.

Perhaps a new wiki could be set up on the safe network some time after the network is launched. Wiki software for safe could also be a cool example app to show how to build more complex apps on safe.