Time for a countdown clock?


I don’t think in either scenario developers will run out of work :joy:

Let’s hope you are right, but surprises are called surprises for a reason. I’ve voiced my concern now, hopefully if it was gonna happen, they will reconsider.

Don’t really care about the pump, more the additional eyes on the project.


They have been talking about Fleming for some time, so they are building anticipation. Maidsafe is not Ethereum (yet), so reaching the latest crypto news that a alpha 3 is in reach might be hard or impossible. But I’am sure they have plans for reaching media and such when the launch of Fleming is about to happen. When Parsec was releast they managed to strike top score by reaching Techcrunch, so I’am positive they will manage to reach important crypto/tech news sites when Fleming will get released. I can imagine that there is still unknowns that might show up and there for makes it less optimal to give a launch date.

If they reach the point where there is is just debugging or something similar before release, then I think they will announce that Fleming is close to launch. I hope that they can elaborate about which efficiency goals that is aimed for and how far of we are at the moment from these goals. But I think they will give update and test results as soon they feel it is possible. I feel alittle worried right now cause I don’t know right now how far of efficiency goals Parsec and routing is and it makes the days alittle harder, but I think they will give results quite soon, when they feel they made the improvements they think is necessary and done related tests.


I was assuming there would be a test net before Fleming. If they get that out and and it works pretty well, I have no fear of damage if the marketing is ramped up.


Surely Safenet will need alot of marketing, I hope the lately hired Marketing Specialist will suceed , @dirvine maybe a TED talk would be a good idea, just use your contacts to arrange this to happen :wink:


We have @dugcampbell for such things now, he is very good indeed at that kind of thing. I am more an interview, long story dude :wink:


Ye makes sense, dont take it personal but sometimes its hard to understand your accent :smiley:


Could be my best quality :smiley: :smiley: Dug is from the same county, but more polished. I am just a country boy really that likes to wonder about stuff. Dug is a more professional presenter and it is better for the project he covers that stuff. It is very important really.


I hope Dug is enabled with the toolkit and carrots he needs to get the message across. He could be the most professional / best presenter in the world, but he still needs something to sell and dangle for the excitement factor.


There used to be some saying about “no XXX Sherlock” :smiley:

For the life of me, I cannot recall what the XXX was :smiley: :smiley:

(yea it is cheeky, but then again, it is also funny)


You mock how obvious it is, yet the growth of this forum for years has been stagnant. Marketing has been raised many times and not much has really happened (Theres been new Medium posts but they rarely attract large audiences outside the forum). It’s going to take a large well planned marketing campaign that spans many months to get the previous content and new content in front of the eyes of the safe network users of tomorrow. It’s as difficult as building the network itself, not sure how Dug plans to succeed at this task, but it’s not a job I would like to do.

You can keep mocking, but I honestly hope you have a clue about how difficult it is to shine in a technology space with thousands of other projects. Good luck, with the upcoming release of Safe Network Fleming @dugcampbell .


Oh come on chap, stating the beedin obvious and then kidding on we don’t have a clue is not really helpful :wink: We do see it occasionally, but I find it funny really, I have no other emotion about it, sorry :smiley:

Anyway I have more serious work to do and it looks like a long night again.


This is clearly a man happy with where things are at with SAFENetwork. This sort of swagger grows with confidence! :grinning:


I’m not kidding, you acknowledge somethings difficulty, yet you initially decided mocking was the best route for discussion. When I was simply wishing marketing good luck and hoping you had a plan.

I can’t wait to see this plan, my expectations are now as enormous as your ego.


“Nah, we’re more honest than that” would’ve been a sufficiently elaborate response to the OP.


SAFE Network is in a Disney movie, an HBO show has a technology based off of SAFE, MAID is one of the only crypto assets not completely bleeding to death, the forum continues to grow, and people from other crypto projects are complimenting on the fact that our community is of a rare few that are not freaking out, focused on the tech, and getting weekly updates on actual progress… yeah you’re totally right.




Might this be due to the fact we’ve already been waiting almost 5 years, were either in denial or confident in our decision.

You should check out google trends its not like the interest is growing over time.


You wanna know what’s neat? I can be dismissive too.

Uh huh.


Then go.

Look at bitcoin on google trends, it’s not exactly where it was late 2017. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=Bitcoin&geo=US

I would have a discussion on this but you aren’t exactly the reasonable type as I’ve seen from the past soooo.


Maidsafe didnt know their logo was used in this movie, nor did they mention anything about the SAFE Network in the movie, so dont call it as Maidsafe marketing.


When marketing is working people will talk about it. We will not know beforehand all of them, but this is perfect marketing. If you take marketing as getting the word out then this is it. You light a flame and see where the fire goes. Beyond that it is mind control and we don’t do that.

tl;dr Marketing gets folk talking, when they talk it is working. This part is missed by many, but it is the nub of marketing and PR


I could agree if the talking was also outside of this community, but it wasnt…