Tim Berners Lee wades in

…on the side of the good guys.
Interesting to see the opportunist counter argument by Amber Rudd, following the Westminster attack.
It’s clear to me that Govt was waiting for such an attack to optimise delivery of their argument just when people will be most receptive to it.
Just ponder this headline for a minute:

“Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood ‘acted ALONE’ in attack, police say”

So how could they possibly know this? Clearly from the evidence of the easily read messages he sent on his phone imo. So, given that police had no need to de-encrypt anything, why demonise Whatsapp for encrypting things in relation to this particular attack at this particular time when it wasn’t even an issue? Clearly,sickeningly opportunistic politicking on the back of the grief of others.
Furthermore, the escalation of the criminal headcase to the status of “Terrorist”, is intended to bolster the surveillance state arguments in the name of “fighting terrorism”. The guy had no known links to either Al-Quaeda or Isis - by the police’s own admission. The population is being played here.