Tier 2 and prices/trading


I want to participate in the prices and trading thread, and I think I should be able to, but apparently I’m not tier 2 yet? I read about the requirements for tier 2 here.

When I look at my stats, I got all the requirements. Did I miss something? Also, I didn’t know where else to post. /edit probably a @moderators is good?


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Just sent you an invite to join the thread.

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well, thanks!

But why do we need invites? I thought it was just tier 2?

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I am curious about the tier 2 requirements as well. Been wondering what else I needed to achieve it.

Hmm it still doesn’t work. Can’t reply or post.

Here are the requirements. And I think we’re even a bit stricter than these requirements. Just keep enjoying this forum and on a certain moment you will get at TL 2. People can’t invite you to that topic. As a mod I can’t even move one of your posts to that topic. It’s really a block.

Move this post to #meta.

Yes, I saw those requirements and seem to meet them all. What else am I missing?

Alright, so what are the requirements then?

This is an older screenshot from our admin @frabrunelle. It shows we’re even a bit stricter. We had quite some trolls coming to this forum a couple of months ago. Over 75% of our mod work was stopping personal attacks, flame wars and more only in that topic. So we decided to be quite strict and it worked quite well. You should be good in the coming days/weeks somewhere :thumbsup:.


Thanks for clearing that up!