Tie crypto coin value and language to biology

Intuitively it might be something like tying the value of a coin to the cost of a pint of milk. But the point isn’t to tie the value to a basket of goods so much as to tie it to the day to day biological requirements of sustaining a individual adult human. Its too simplistic to tie the value to an amount of energy or calories. To be a little esoteric, its probably not a day’s substance in blue whale milk or grass fed organic bovine (of which about a gallon would suffice.) Its not so much recognizing that milk is not an optimal food for an adult, but how much resource would be required to for instance produce the requisite human milk to sustain an adult human for a day? If we run milk through a stomach we have a blood equivalent, so milk is an efficient food basket guess. So how much land, energy and water will sustain a human for a day? Make that amount one unit or the value of one coin. That is more tangible than gold will ever be.

In tying the value of the coin to a refined RDA we know very concretely what a year’s worth of food would cost. We would have valuation accurately tied to and measuring biological need. And when some extractive bastard tries to convert speech into milk and talk about starvation power we laugh our asses off. Maybe its the global production cost of such a unit that serves as the unit value? How funny to talk about a billionaire’s associated wealth in food days. So for instance a poor substitute might be a gallon of organic grass fed bovine milk in cleaner plastic shipped across California at $15 per gallon. In that case Warren Buffet might have 12 billion food days worth of wealth associated with his name.

If someone wanted to deflat an economy they would just be feeding people.