Thursdays are back! [Update - July 15th, 2021]

3 sleeps till satisfaction!!!

I’m thinking of bringing my agog-o-meter back out of the cupboard…


I have no idea about the technical aspects of all of this, so a simple question, has there has been significant progress made in the past 6 months and is this in line with expectations?

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very much so and yes it was expected. #HODL


Yeah - I know that - what I was looking for a simplified explanation for was

would it be simpler to begin searching for historical trends by using the version data as an initial filter rather than a “normal” db search?

Is this likely to be more efficient? I am very shaky on large parts of database theory

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Efficiency is not the point here. With today web, you have to predict what data you will need in future and make effort to build the database (and keep it running). Perpetual web makes historic data available automatically so when you in the future realise you need something, it is there.


So should we be looking to build a fast index that would match version number to a date/time range for the likes of large amounts of weather reports?

Or would it be simpler to just search on timestamp for each weather report (or similar datapoint)?

EDIT: yes of course it would be simpler - but what gains can we make by leveraging version number in the query?

Such audits are important, but the reality is, they miss a lot too. There are many crypto projects that were hacked after beeing audited. For example Thorchain has been hacked 3 times already. Haven had slowmist audit and they failed to catch multiple attack vectors. This project is so different from others, that any audit will bring less additional trust than for other crypto projects, that are simpler and have a simmilar structure.

More than audit we need like more redundand security, maybe some centralized switch to turn coin printing off in early stages to prevent more damage. Maybe some early tracking, that could breaks privacy and bring better overview on what is network dooing. Converting MAID to SNT in later stages of the network, to minimalize potential loses, etc… Simply, there is a reason, why so many crypto projects start with centralized dev team, that has lot of controll via miners, etc and they try to cut that control in later stages, when the network is more proven. This aproach allows to recover from hacks, and there for sure will be some.


Anything to minimise potential losses while staying faithful to the fundamentals should be considered, but it’s a tricky one. Any mistaken reveal of someone’s identity could be as negative as someone losing some coins for a network that is making heavy promises of anonymity.

I think big juicy well-publicised bug bounties and a bit of clever coaxing could go down well and is maybe less risky. If there was a bit of prestige involved for any would-be hackers, we could get a bit of excitement stirred up too.