Thursdays are back! [Update - July 15th, 2021]

Keep on trucking. With crypto trending downward I have been focusing my efforts in traditional markets, but still reading these updates and will await an MVP. Will likely buy back in during crypto winter + market crash again like usual here to help create a bottom hopefully on the MAID price too. I hope yall successfully raised plenty fiat funds and run lean so you can withstand the time needed to deliver this network with a group of bright core engineers and designers.


Just playing devils advocate here. A lot of time these updates have no negativity whatsoever. There is a very diverse group of people drawn to this project, and for good reason, but one thing 99%+ of people agree on here is that the product will be delivered and it will be the best thing since sliced bread. Some blatant negative comments are good because people are naturally tribal. Attacks against the tribe further the resolve of the group. In addition, it causes some disturbance in the echo chamber that forces a response to dispel any other doubt. I get as much info from these responses as I do from the update itself. I agree that a lot of negativity is bad for any team, but a little makes you stronger.


Good perspective but it can also be seen as not so much an attack on the tribe but an attack on morale. If it was constructive criticism then it’d be a different story. You’re not wrong about learning more from some of the responses though!


We don’t need negativity, no one needs it. its counter productive in any situation. We need Honest criticism, on actual things that need to be fixed improved or built upon. Help like this is always welcomed here.

Honest criticism is not negativity. Negativity is not the way to succeed in any situation.

Trolling FUD masters must be called out.

For my part I’m not under the illusion or spell that this project is perfect. There is always a risk that it won’t work, because this is a shot in the dark to improve the lives of millions of people, with never done before, groundbreaking technology. Getting there is extremely difficult.

I like to consider myself a forward thinker, not part of a tribe. In this case, I personally support this project in anyway I can with as little negativity, as possible.


Also FUD, (They say its not FUD) is the tool of price manipulators, and FUD without anything else usually is the result of traders, or people just wanting a cheaper price.

The forum welcomes criticism if it is that. Yea people will react and that is good too. But if real criticism based on substance then it will usually be heard and considered.

In the end though this is a forum for the advancement of the project, discussions of the tech, and aspects of APP and SAFE development plus more. So I can understand that FUD is not treated nicely by people who are here, and FUD does take its toll on people however small.


I can confirm this - I have personally criticized many times the economic model of the network - the need for an ERC20 token to allow us access to the large crypto market to attract new people to the project and access to fiat ramps and decentralized exchanges + the introduction of preventive measures against vampire attacks.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Can someone tell me about Perpetual web ?


It’s similar to the a Internet Archive, except you don’t need to leave the website. You can step back and forwards through different versions, or select a specific version, all just using Safe Browser.


and not just websites but instances of content of all kinds… simple versioning of data then possible in whatever ways are useful.


Explain to me like I’m 5 please …

If, as one example, we have a site that collates tens of thousands of inputs from Pi-powered mini-weather stations providing data on a fixed schedule, would it be simpler to begin searching for historical trends by using the version data as an initial filter rather than a “normal” db search?

Might be useful to also mention some problems the perpeptual web can help solve. There is a current issue with the web called Link Rot which is the decay of hyper links over time. Just like that blue hyper link I gave you to Link Rot above :point_up:, over time some people may not pay their hosting fees, or maybe a hosting company goes out of business, etc and then that hyperlink that was used or referenced from another site now leads to nowhere. A piece of history and what makes the web a web, is now gone.

Safe Network stores all public data in perpetuity and you can update old data, where you could scroll through that data or websites versions like a historical Rolodex.
As described in the video provided above this can help lead to an internet of truth.

Another related problem to link rot is Content Drift which in short is unannounced changes to content at a particular url. Your blog could be pointing to a source via a hyperlink and the content you are pointing to could have changed to something different at a later time when your readers visit the hyperlink within your blog.
Safe Network fixes this too.

Some here wonder as well if the permanence of public posts will perhaps slightly alter ones behavior online. This could be for the better, perhaps. Also you have the option of being fully anonymous on the Safe Network so perhaps not but that is an interesting possible side effect to ponder.


Price is already down 25% in just the last few days. Nothing is safe from price movement.

Your favourite playground never closes.
Maccas never closes
your favourite movie is always available
your favourite comic is always available

Sites do not disappear, pages never get lost. 404 errors due to sites closing or changing is a thing of the past.


Thursdays are back ? One of the best piece of News in a long time. Couldn’t keep up lately with the project because I felt a bit lost without Thursday’s update !


Some good stuff has been mentioned but I’ll throw in one I’m excited about - holding media purveyors to a higher standard will get a lot easier. No more sneakily disappearing paragraphs, words and tweets. Watchdog outfits and fact-checking operations have a higher likelihood of flourishing when you can’t erase your public statements.

If it’s perpetual web with linked data then I can’t wait to see where that goes.

Very happy to see the Thursdays back rolling, but would suggest that Maidsafe don’t hesitate from a genuinely mini update if things are very busy. I often saw the long, detailed, generous updates from before and felt a little like we’re spoiled, and wonder how long it takes to do such excellent detailed descriptions.

If all cylinders are firing and the team have the noses down, a symbolic paragraph or two saying so with a mention of a couple of the main attack points would really be enough for people to feel psychologically reassured I suspect.


Cool to have the updates again! Just a quick question, after all the developments, do you plan to have a security audit of the codebase from an external company?


We certainly hope so and will try to get this done.


God bless you :pray:.

The dawn is the darkest. But it means the sun rises soon.

I am totally support team. :slight_smile:


Why the heck did this update not appear on my feed. My Friday mornings i spent reading updates i did not understand much but somehow just enjoyed reading. If anything it was an indicator the project is moving forward. Look forward to reading the updates again


You are not alone, I find it also Today. Anyway it is only 3 days left to another update!