ThreeFold an open source, P2P, autonomy's internet

ThreeFold has similar aims to SAF Network and is also fully open source. From the Wiki:

To make the new internet accessible and equal to all, ThreeFold built an infrastructure that is affordable to all and collectively owned by the network peers. To ensure a fair and equal distribution of the internet to everyone, fully sponsored capacity will be deployed in remote regions of our world.


Thanks for posting this it’s really an interesting and similar concept to SAFE.

Recording my first impressions here, not necessarily a true record of the project but you only get a first impression once so I take that opportunity to record it even if it may not be accurate to the details of the project.

In summary, lots of lingo and docs, hard to get to the details. Pretty interesting but fairly hard to decipher, especially the way that farming works. I spent about 20 minutes trying to find out the secret sauce but it was mostly just infographic level stuff from what I could see. The wiki has a lot of words but not a lot of detail.

Intro to how to get started on farming seems to need email which is odd. This process seems pretty insane overall, maybe just a communication issue and a rewrite of the docs would solve this, hard to know.

Pricing is fixed in USD $6.48/TB/year is the best pricing

Wallet / token is based on Stellar

Very unfinished How It Works two of three are TODO

Seems to have 40 PB across 600 nodes

The idea of a specific OS to run the farming node is interesting since it in theory controls the security of the environment. SAFE-Vault-OS would be an interesting (and seemingly inevitable) project.

Seems to be immutable data only, can’t see much about mutable data.

Creates 16 of 20 erasure coded parts, ie can lose 4 parts -

Have to give them credit for the volume of docs, it’s impressive. Seems worth reading more about but it’s very hard to understand the unique value they offer compared to standard cloud or IPFS etc.


My opinion is that functions have little meaning for the average person. What matters is how many people can click an .exe file for free on their free computer and participate for free … When they tell you that you need to buy a minimum server made in the last 4 years … no, thanks…


Looks like I’m right for now:

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