Thoughts on more efficient media with the SAFE network

Online content, in particular media is more efficient and inherently better without the invasive adds we are forced to endure - I mean how many 5 seconds has youtube already robbed humanity of? How about the ads on spotify too! Rather looking forward to a world of free video/music sharing apps with zero ads, zero takedowns, complete privacy and inherent creator and developer reward built in. Just kinda makes sense. Bring on testnet 3!!!


Youtube would do well adopting satoshis in micropayments instead of wasting people’s time. I wonder the advertising model that funds a lot of the internet has been broken or inefficient for a long while. Same with TV and cinema adverts… huge waste of time and I expect a lot of people would pay not to be brain washed like that.


Don’t get me and @warren going on ads guys! :smile:

The BBC just announced plans for product placement… PRODUCT PLACEMENT …within its ex-UK world news channel. I just can’t believe the level to of seemingly unconscious acceptance of what I regard as corruption has gained. Its shocking. Have they never watched…



Mango Tree;
Escape “advertizilation”

there’s a simple solution to all that: unplug the computer, go to where food falls from trees in abundance, walk the ocean, poetries will playback on eternal repeat that won’t hurt your brain or your ears: advertising etc, money problems, etc, snooping problems; solved.

Otherwise: SAFE Network will suffice - at least someone else won’t be slicing through your every digital thoughts.


Talking of wasting your time watching/listening to adverts - is anyone else sick of the constant marketing from political parties in he run up to the UK elections? As they can promise anything without binding contracts, it seems like manipulation even more than corporate ads!

There’s always Adblock or uBlock for that :smile:

Good movie reference @happybeing. I often imagine I’m wearing those glasses as an exercise to sift through all the bullshit and subliminal messages. Worst part about that movie was the fight scene, I thought it was over at least 10 times.

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I’m actually a fan of advertisement. NOT the intrusive kind of ads. Those are horrible. And all the desperate popup windows on news websites, really annoying.

Ads on the SAFE network will hopefully mostly be the non-intrusive kind.

And I hope the stalking ads can be moderated somehow, those ads that follow your “interests”. Stalking ads should be an option, not something compulsory, or at least have an easy opt out function. In some situations such advertisement can be useful and beneficial for users.

There needs to be greater recognition that media systems that that take money from sources other than their legitimate end users are extractive propaganda/censor systems that destroy inclusive political and economic systems and lead to rule by money and lives generally forfeit at birth by being born into the murdery that slavery is.

If we have conflict free unsponsored (and therefore ad free) search there isn’t even a hypothetical need for ads. Such an arrangement will not only serve to keep us free but in getting rid of the group that make money by pitting the interests of buyers and sellers against each other also a revolution in product value and quality and in the joy of providing services and doing business as those task wil be much better able to be based on aligned interests, values and long term relationships.