Thoughts on Cicada 3301?

WHo do you think the group is and what did you make of all of it?

Maybe you can provide some more information about what you’re talking about ?

For a second there I thought you might have had the power of the world wide web at your finger tips.

Next time just provide more information if you create threads on the forum about things not everybody is familiar with.

Sorry for the massive inconvenience :sob:

OP expecting that we solve all puzzles, including resolving what it is. Does OP know anything more themselves, I wonder???.. I’ve seen this question before, so below I’ll repeat my previous reply.

It looks like a way to burn time… another grand Einstein puzzle. I rather prefer natural problems that are not known to have solutions.

It’s trivia to find spoilers at … there’s background in the MSM too…

from the Wiki… Is 3301: Bitcoin, Wikileaks, Anonymous, Terrorists, Cyber-Mercenaries, NSA, GCHQ, Mossad, Illuminati, NWO, Cyber terrorist group, Crypto club, Alternate Reality game, Computer Science college campaign, Google, Facebook, just one lonely neckbeard…?

The latest description of this that I could find quickly… Inside The Cicada 3301 Cabal November 25, 2014

There seems some overlap with Anonymous but it’s anybody’s guess what the truth is.

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Well I suppose that is why I am asking,