Thought public shares are read only

I was under the impression that public shares are read only.

As it turns out (from the initial release) they aren’t - the owner can delete or update those files. They are read only for people who don’t own the account.

That behavior could have been better communicated.

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Where did you get that impression?
I think I’ve been keeping myself pretty well in the loop and I never saw anyone saying this would be the case.


They can be read-only for all, if they’re uploaded without an owner. I don’t think the demo supports that yet.

You can use a throw away key for that.

Public means anyone can read it
Private only you can read it

You own both though and can change anything.

Private shares (not till after release) have shared ownership and these are contained within a group with decrypt keys. Group removal of a user means re-encrypt of all data with a new key.

A neat trick you can do is, copy the datamap (not the data chunks) and keep that published youself. It’s signed by the original owner and the data chunks are immutable. So you can copy whole sites for a single datamap. So record 10 sites for the price of a chunk.

This is another way to make public recorded info immutable and last forever. I have not detailed it yet, but you can see how simple this can be.


So many neat features for us to begin to appreciate - beyond just Secure Access For Everyone - this architecture has been thought through for over a decade, and it shows. Thank you David… this reminds me of the very first days and weeks of learning about SAFEnetwork. Every week I learned something new and mindblowing about it, and now you are starting to do that again :slightly_smiling: High five to you and the team. Not there yet, but let’s hope its a bit more like rolling down the hill on the way to launch.

This is another way to make public recorded info
immutable and last forever. I have not detailed it yet, but you can see
how simple this can be.

There you go again… already. :slightly_smiling:


Everywhere, for example here:

I think many people were under the impression that public data could be just appended, and private changed.

That is the real beauty of this project

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Nobody said anything about not being able to update files, indeed, they can’t be deleted off the network, but you can still change your data map to point to a different file. In essence the files will have a versioning history going back to the original upload.
The current app doesn’t support digging around for this, but sooner or later it’ll be implemented I’m sure.

Well that much is now clear. But from the comment I quoted and other posts you can see that quite a few folks weren’t sure.

Depends how you define “support”.
You can delete - at least nominally - public share stuff in the GUI of the current app. It only doesn’t work, but the trashbin icon is there. Mark the file, click on the icon.
It doesn’t work for me in the initial release, though. I’ve tried multiple times.

“Deleting” works fine for me on public and private storage. Perhaps you should submit a bug?