This Week of Feb 19th 2016, I helped:

Continuing the discussion from This week I helped… Week of May 3:

I’d really like to see us get this going every week. Who is with me? We can start one each Saturday(ish) and post throughout the week anything we are involved with that in any way helped the SAFE network as a whole.

This could facilitate the connecting of folks around projects we are interested in.


This week I tried to correct a long standing members’ misunderstanding of the bootstrapping process and informed this member of attack mitigations in place.

I also threw out an idea for fairly low latency anonymous SAFE gaming that triggered the idea to have an overlay on SAFE that might make it possible.

Another idea thrown in was for anonymously uploading websites into SAFE with crowdfunding and volunteer SAFE exit nodes.

Participated in a peers’ mistakenly neglected thread.

Drove the dev update hype machine for a little while. Vroom vroom! Lots of cheers drinking fainting and joyful crying. It was fun! :yum: