This project reminds me of 1994 because


Only because I wondered what the first standard should be for fully printing 3D printers and other cool stuff and looked up “earliest microprocessor”.

Intel 4004: Min. feature size 10 µm


N2 FF 3D Printer, Up to 10 micron Z resolution and 12.5 micron X/Y step size.

Since it only produces plastic we can at least make a prototype that’s up to scale.


1994… on this day (10 July) in 1994 I remember watching Tomas Brolin scoring from that fancy wee free kick against Romania. Cracking world cup.

[Edit: Here it is -]


This has brought back memories, I remember working for plessey at the time and being involved in using I believe the first 4004 in the country using them in parellel to produce a prototype 3 axis CNC and hand coding it in hex for days but at the tim felt like years. my thanks go to the programmers gods for introducing C.


Me too. “This could be big” feeling again. More complex problems are being worked on now, though. The end result will be more diverse and fragmented, might develop more slowly. Harder to predict.