This outburst by HIllary may cost her the election

Now shill NPR is apparenlty trying to understate what she has taken by 10x but its coming out she’s taken 4-5million from the fossil fuel industry. .

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The oligarchs play both sides; it is a punch-and-judy show. I think she will win because Trump is being built-up as an “extremist maniac.”

Problem (everything is going to hell), Reaction (Trump, the extremist), Solution (Hillary is reasonable by comparison).

The voters will applaud Trump but then go with Hillary as more reasonable.

She is a fascist. The banking system will sink again because incredibly stupidly its been allowed to sell a bunch of derivatives insuring an obsolete petrol industry. US natural gas suppliers will go off a cliff chasing sunk costs, imploding derivatives. Oil will not recover because enough developing world or capacity like Iran’s where they are a lower economic increment and can produce for a while and still get gains based on their past damage is flooding that market. Of course there is no chance in hell oil, gas, coal will ever be economically competitive or profitable again when at scale and built out they can’t get under 13 cents a kilowatt average price when solar can go to a thousandth of a cent per kilowatt and is already under grid parity. This petrol loser are going down and no amount of fascism can save this because any economy that switches the new radically higher efficiency wins.

What Warren consistently refuses to consider is the possibility that “the oil industry” (and any other) is just where someone’s capital happens to be at a moment in time.
He forgets that it’s usually quite simple to sell shares in A, and buy shares in B.

The Koch brothers see Hilary as less bad for business, so if suitable arrangements are made, they may start supporting her (which would be positive for the green robbers Tesla, it seems, considering they’re the only source of growth for coal demand in the US, as US manufacturing is dead). :smiley:

What Janitor is not seeing is problem with liquidity that comes about when one Saudi Arabia or a Koch Brother dumping they very asset their reputation is based upon. It kind of undermines the sale price and then you face the problem of finding an equivalent replacement asset and when you try you quickly drive u the price and create a bubble. So you get less then you wanted when you try to dump and then overpay when you try to land. I guess you’d say they would diversify along the way to more permanent holdings. But they will still take a haircut on their way out and take a power loss when they become just another investor.

Maybe so, but thanks to their connections and preference to dealing with or on behalf of the government rather they tend to do better than the average free market serf.

Look at Musk: he has no business in which his customer is not the government, or in which the government doesn’t subsidize a lion share of his crappy product’s cost. Not an accident.

His products are the best there is. We’ve been over this. The Germans in auto making are not upstart chumps and he just floored them in the flagship US market. Now you tell me if the US government on its own could easily do that? History tells us its not so easy. More than that, Musk is generally not arrogant, and at least presents as humble. Also Musk has set a standard by taking no pay from Tesla, not even minimum it turns out. That is excellent and a true model. Its very hard for money grubbing to compete with true vision coupled with drive and excellent execution. Romney was simply wrong about Tesla being a loser, it is a triumph.

But magically he still needs government subsidies. You’d think they’ll sell Tesla to places where there aren’t subsidies but no…
Toyota, for example, doesn’t collect any for their hybrids in China and is doing brisk business.

And Toyota is a massively subsidized state entity established for decades and decades by the the socialists Japanese government. For years when they were trying to break into our market they were fully protectionist and forced their citizens to abandon their engines supposedly for smog reasons at 40000 miles so they could sell them into the US market. How is that for subsides. And their relationship with media and lobbying was understandably of the most aggressive order. But I am glad you’re in the mood to compare Tesla and Toyota. Toyota helped Tesla get its start. Because Toyota believed in them!!!