This is when the internet gets fun :)

THIS is when the BS Governments crumble…

…as they have in the face of Torrents.

THIS is when the big corporations die…

…as the music and book industries have.

THIS is when we truly connect as a global species…


THIS is when the economy glows bright, when THE WORLD’S SECRETS ARE REVEALED, when CUTTING EDGE TECH AND INFORMATION IS MADE AVAILABLE TO ALL and a GREAT EQUALIZER brings the impoverished up to speed with current human progress!!

THIS is the life humans have been waiting for!!


Watch out Universe… HERE WE COME!!!

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So what pays our bills, debt, taxes, rent, while we adjust to this collaborative commons? Sharing our lives isn’t earning us any income.

It’s easy to talk about it on paper but pay our bills and then talk about a new economy.

I don’t see food becoming nearly free. I don’t see rent or taxes going down. I don’t see the cost of living decreasing. So sharing doesn’t really work if you don’t own anything to share in the first place. And I’m talking about the physical stuff that people need to live or digital assets.

When they talk about materializing or 3d printing it still requires resources. Those resources still aren’t free. You have to pay for all the electricity and natural resources so where is it all supposed to come from?

He talks about sellers and buyers. If we are going with a collaborative economy then what is there to sell? Isn’t everything supposed to be free and shared?

It sounds nice but I don’t see the world he is talking about just yet. Until we start seeing it impact the real world it is wishful thinking economics.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to have a collaborative economy or even a resource based economy. I am saying it’s unrealistic to expect to go from what we have now to that without some sort of economic collapse in between.

The old system still exists and isn’t compatible with either a resource based economy or the zero marginal cost society. We still have everyone working, earning salaries, to make an income. We still have an economy built on infinite growth. The whole capitalist economy has to collapse for the collaborative commons to rise up (this is where I disagree with Rifkin).

Google, Facebook, and these other entities are horrible examples. They exploit the consumer. The consumer doesn’t earn a profit for giving their information to Google, Facebook, etc. So if all the businesses worked on similar models how would consumers pay their rent while companies exploit them?

The only answer is the economy will collapse completely before we see a zero marginal cost economy. The two economies cannot co-exist because they oppose each other. Infinite growth is required for Facebook to function but the collaborative economy or resourced based economy does not require that.

Profit making organizations that he talks about are all centralized. That is a problem because they profit while we share our lives. We receive nothing, they receive our data. MaidSafe allows us to own the shares of Facebook so that we profit as users of the platform and can pay our rent. That might be the only way we could try to make it work and still it wont work for everyone equally.

The energy Internet can be promoted and SAFE Network should team up with the Solarcoin and Genercoin community to farm electricity.

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Lol, I’m just coming back to this old post now, laughing at my language and capital letter use here :smile:

But yeah I guess I don’t have a really good answer for your question.

I’m just some young millennial living out of his RV and saving up for the future, so I’m the last person who knows about paying bills lol

I just avoid that as best I can, and try to be as self sufficient as possible.

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Yeah actually it is. Farm safecoin, sell for bitcoin, and either convert to fiat or use to buy product directly. Eventually you’ll be able to buy products directly with safecoin but until then you need to trade for other currencies. Rent? You’re joking right? Okay if you want to live in a big house and pay rent that’s cool. But with the income that could be provided by safecoin I’d like to build a house. This is part of why I find living in a city insane. Because for the price of what you would pay for rent you could build your own home and live rent free. So I don’t get it, at all, whatsoever. I don’t ever want to pay more than $500 worth of rent. Any more than that and I might as well work on building a house. If safecoin sells at ~$14-$10 per gig then one can make decent profit. If it’s half or a quarter of that it’ll be decent profit for anyone on low income and it’ll be putting presure on hardware manufacturers. If it drops even ore below hardware prices per gig then it’ll put presure on hardware manufactures and become competitve because people will start investing heavily in safecoin instead of buying new hard drives for storage. This in turn will bring the price back up. If the retailer you are dealing with doesn’t accept safecoin then sell it for a currency they do accept. Moreover how is your government going to tax you if they don’t know what you spend or how much you make? They can only tax your usage of fiat. Therefore the more people adopt safecoin and use the safe network the less gov’t will be able to tax people. As for food I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. GROW YOUR OWN FOOD. Become self sufficient.

Information can be copied infinitely. Physical goods are finite. Therefore there is no scarcity when it comes to information and there is no sense to trying to create artificial scarcity in the digital world. Hence the culture of sharing information freely. However physical goods, being finite, must be produced and traded for value. Food requires sun, water, soil and time to grow. Labour = time + skills. Objects require materials + labour. Whatever. Point is even with automation resources are still expended. Safecoin itself is backed by the expendeture of resources, hardware + energy + time. Obviously some things can’t or won’t be shared. Some things will be traded. I don’t know where you went off saying everything will be free.

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