This is how quickly the internet spread - How fast will SAFE spread?

I screenshotted it for your viewing pleasure (source):

The first billion took 13 years, the second billion took 5 years, the third billion took 4 years.

I think SAFE will hit 1 billion in 7 years :slight_smile:


Well the means of distribution now is more accessible than it was back in the day. I would say a comparison to an app being adopted by uses would probably be a better metric vs SAFE.

It would be interesting to see user adoption of something like Facebook, Uber, Snapchat, or Tinder in comparison to this chart…

Also keep in mind a bunch of apps or companies can use SAFE as a backend and the end users would never even know they are using the network!! Its gonna be really quick I think!


I think a lot of it is building the infrastructure, laying cables under oceans and through mountains :smiley:

Oh man wouldn’t that be exciting! But blessed be the man who goes to his company’s board to propose a total company transition to new IT infrastructure :raised_hands:

I think the biggest blockade to SAFE adoption is the educating people on why it’s better and how to use it. What’s great is that it will scale immediately and proportionally to the amount of users who decide to connect, there’s really no limit to how quickly it can be physically adopted.

But the education game is a looooong one, and as we see on the forum, there’s a lot for newcomers to learn.


Everything digital is much faster , infrastructures are widely spread already ;
good stuff can advance at greater pace , be prepared , huge adoption may
happen in just 1-2-3 years :ant:


I fully agree.

However, what is your take on the education portion of it? Every-day people will be bombarded with a choice between storing their valued photos of kids on the safe network, or store them in micro$oft’s “cloud” storage.

Even though they have to pay, I think many people will choose micro$oft, purely because they know it. (brand loyalty is very powerful)

It’s not just “Is the infrasture setup for it”, it’s “Who is going to educate the market”.

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The artists (of all the arts). They should be our target market IMO and not the darknet who will flock to Maidsafe naturally.


You can buy a cheap 1-2-3 Terabyte USB3 HD and get 200GB free cloud storage for free , for two years ,
by companies like Seagate , just to name one . However , I don’t think this will fundamentally change the perception of the many benefits of a truly decentralised internet vs. 7 guys with keys to the entire backbone .
MAID Safecoin
SAFE is giving the powers of publishing and hosting back to any individual , community , organisation and company that wishes or needs to do so while feeling and being safe enough in their own communication endeavour . Communication is everything , including essentially our most precious values and virtues …

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Artists of all activities will find benefits in using the SAFE network and safecoin ,
either directly , or indirectly through DAPPS running on the SAFE network — as
many aren’t technically versed enough nor need to be , they’d be using services …


They will find huge benefits and tell all their friends and fans. This is why the killer DAPP for me is N99.


:slight_smile: What’s N99 ?:ant:

Love this app idea! :slight_smile:


Let’s see how fast can this overthrows the government. Slave ants overthrows their masters


I feel it’s the dev community that will need the education.

For the vast majority, I dont see any educational requirements…it’s just apps. Maybe SAFEapps will be recognizable as ‘single sign-on’ enabled and gain traction from that feature alone.

Once users get used to single sign-on, they will start demanding it and devs will have little choice but to become educated.