This is a bug right?

I can send money to myself

ewa@ewa-System-Product-Name:~$ safe keys create --test-coins --preload 4500
New SafeKey created at: “safe://hbyyyybdxb5kahh5sd6m3hzx7qq5xwuutfj4x6c14c38f8aa18jpr8yq6a”
Preloaded with 4500 coins
Key pair generated:
Public Key = 8de1dab1ce6ec3f2f3cbbfae76df49ce254e9fe64b4cc9ca7c62474b48703bd879981e71f32876d72067c8f40449b573
Secret Key = d392bda53bf287dfe6a5967c79b0ebdf0c54af56f3066d79ec64cf24ce4b0a37

Fun enough it just goes through :grinning:

ewa@ewa-System-Product-Name:~$ safe keys transfer 100 --from d392bda53bf287dfe6a5967c79b0ebdf0c54af56f3066d79ec64cf24ce4b0a37 --to safe://hbyyyybdxb5kahh5sd6m3hzx7qq5xwuutfj4x6c14c38f8aa18jpr8yq6a
Success. TX_ID: 7440242703550390633

ewa@ewa-System-Product-Name:~$ safe keys balance
Enter secret key corresponding to the SafeKey to query the balance from: d392bda53bf287dfe6a5967c79b0ebdf0c54af56f3066d79ec64cf24ce4b0a37
SafeKey’s current balance: 4500.000000000

Btw would it also be possible to unlink nrs after you linked them and make them transferable?

I linked an nrs to a MediaType(“image/png”) (PublishedImmutableData) and it couldn’t be unlinked :exploding_head:

You can, with $ safe nrs remove command.

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Hmmmmm I thought that was only for sub domains… because I --link a nrs not a nrs sub…

Oooh keee I’ll try later thx



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