Thinking about starting a privacy/security blog

Hi all

I have been contemplating starting a blog on privacy and security for a long time and am trying to gauge interest.

I think the way I would tackle it would be mainly how to articles, examples, commentary, interviews and maybe even a podcast.

The audience would ideally be the simpleton, average Joe, Jane and especially naive folks such as teenagers, the elderly or people new to certain kinds of technology.

Is this something people would be interested in reading?


Good idea. You need no ones blessing. Build it and they will come.


Something like this is desperately needed. You’d be filling a very big gap for all the average users. We really do need a hub. You would be saving many lives. I’ll be happy to help gather material for the landing page or any other pinned aspect of your blog. Just throw me a PM with the intended layout and info presentation style and I’ll try to whip something when I get some uninterrupted time.:smiley:


When you talk about a privacy/security blog. I’m thinking that your talking about the privacy/security that takes place on the SAFE Network. At least, I think that’s the best place to educate people about security practices. Because it’s just a waste of time to blog/talk about the current internet security IMHO.

I would love to see a blog that, shows stuff in video format (how to do security). The only security podcast I know about is securitynow. They do a lot of showing, but do talk a lot :stuck_out_tongue: hopes it helps.

Maybe a poll would also help you to understand what people want. I for instance I’m too lazy to read, unless it’s the Maidsafe dev updates or something super interesting. Like BIGbtc [quote=“BIGbtc, post:2, topic:6497”]
You need no ones blessing. Build it and they will come.

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See although I agree with you it’s also a false dichotomy because we can have both.

I honestly do not believe SAFE will take over the Internet at any point in time in terms of volume of user uptake. I just don’t see that happening in my crystal ball.

What I do see happening is that we will end up having several layers of the Internet with various networks adding these layers to it. In fact we are already seeing this with the ‘dark web’. Also we know there are intranets running on private networks within the private business sector etc. And we’ll end up maybe even having hardware and OS’s that can only connect to specific networks.

SAFE will be one of these layers of networks and users will switch to and from and I dont think that is a bad thing.

So if I did start this thing I think I would focus on the current Internet too. I’d have too. That’s where the users are, plain and simple. If I want to help people, I help them with the current websites, apps and software they use and of course swing them towards SAFE whilst doing it.

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This is the current internet at it’s fines (a comedy show) ‘191 million voters’ personal info exposed by misconfigured database’. I really don’t want to sound pessimistic, but there’s not really much your blog can do for these 191 million voters. The problem with security on the current internet is everything is a mess, there are so many problems that it becomes a life sentence to fix them (even when they find a fix, these are sometimes not used at all). I got to admit, you’ll have enough of work to talk about on the current internet.

Even funnier, everybody wants their IOT devices to be connected like today in stead of yesterday on the current internet. But what else is new? you got to keep people laughing, about the joke called internet security.

In my crystal ball I see that the SAFE Network popularity will start with China’s new law, people simply won’t trust companies anymore because their task is to decrypt data. So guess where these people will eventually end up?

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Wow. How pessimistic of you.

Haha JK.

Nah look I see your point totally but I guess the point of any media is not to fix issues directly but to highlight and discuss them.

I’m also thinking I might go down the “How to” route with some of the content and that’s always helpful no matter what.

The only thing that is holding me back currently is my lack of technical expertise.


@goindeep are you asking for blog hosting?

I’m thinking lately of starting a discussion platform for topics related to:

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Digital Liberties
  • Resilience
  • Freedom of thought and speech
  • Guiding the species to a glorious future, skipping the part where we kill each other for 10+ years as we’ve done at regular intervals for 10,000+ years
  • Information Technology
  • Economics
  • Open Source / Open Data / Open Culture
  • Futurism and activism to guide futures

If you’re interested, I think I can set up a blog for you on said discussion platform ~1 week - 1 month from now.


I think we really need to start pairing security/privacy with cracking and hacking as well as marketing strategies. In short we need to know how the lock can be broken in order to devise stronger locks and we need to know how the rats might get out of the mazes we devise for them and go straight for the cheese. Being a black hat isn’t bad. It’s just the opposite of being a white hat. One builds locks and the other picks locks. If you want excellent locks you need to know how best they can be picked don’t you?

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I will touch base with you.

I also have another project in mind, much larger than the blog.